Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Way Out Of Our Mess - The Place

I have told you what is wrong. I have told you what will make the world right. Now I will tell you more about making the world right again.

(If you need information on dealing with a hurricane I used the word hurricane as a tag for earlier posts on them. They should come up on google with my blog name and hurricane.)

One of the things I am meant to do in this lifetime is to start a different kind of place to live. I know it simply as, "The Place".

It is a sort of city or town, but it does not look like towns and cities that we have now. It is more spread out and you have to look to see it. 

The people in The Place act more like country people than city people. At spring planting time and harvest time, it is country. Everyone helps with spring planting and harvest. Sometimes "important" people are there in their dressy clothes in the fields with everyone else. 

In order to live in The Place you have to belong to it. People who belong to The Place are Members. Not all Members live in The Place, but they come back to it as often as they can, when they don't live there.

Important decisions are done by voting. People gather around a bonfire to talk about these important decisions. Some of them are about how money should be spent. One of these is about a woman who wants a fur coat. She has health problems about getting cold. She is voted to have the fur coat.

Ordinary clothes are not voted on and people own their own. Her fur coat seems to be a special case. If you leave The Place you do not get to take much with you. What you can take depends on what is available that can be spared at the time you leave.

In The Place you do not own your home, but it is effectively yours as long as you need it. People can build their own homes without help, but most don't. There is a waiting list for homes. People live in group housing until their homes are built.

Homes are hard to spot in the landscape. Most are underground and blend in. Mike Oehler's $50 And Up Underground Home, looks a lot like the homes in The Place. Mike's own homes that he built as well as others based on his ideas are on YouTube.

I like the ridgetop home, but don't think it would be built on The Place until after Climate Change is corrected. The horrible weather we are getting from climate change is only getting started. The ridge house has too much glass and is too exposed for climate change weather.

People are not reading my posts about spiritual preparedness, so this one may never be read. I have to try the best I can anyway, so here it is.

I have already dealt with several attempts on my life. I expect they will continue, so I don't know how many more posts I can write here. I sure hope this effort does some good. I'd really rather not put the effort in if it is useless. 

If Gd wants me to stay alive, I don't suppose anything on earth can change that. It will work out the way it is supposed to be. 

I have written posts already for past the time when I will die if the threat is carried out. I am going to see about getting someone to post it if I don't make it. 

The Place won't solve all of our problems, but it is an important part of it. I don't mean to disrespect our esteemed political candidates, but they are not really much to choose from considering the problems we have to deal with. The Place will raise up leaders who are using their spiritual gifts. We need that very badly. 

Every single person on earth has spiritual gifts and most of us are not using them. The world will be an entirely different place when we are using our spiritual gifts. It will be much better even when only a few of us are using them. 

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