Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Animal Communication Spiritual Gift

I have been looking forward to a community of people who have identified their spiritual gifts and begun using them as a part of daily life. One of the benefits I have anticipated with this is better sorting out of what the gifts are and what to call them.

So far, I have simply lumped a lot of them under some heading and not really separated what may actually be different gifts and sets of spiritual gifts.

There are a lot of gifts that I lump together under communications (tongues) spiritual gifts. One of these is communicating with non-humans. Ability to communicate with animals is one of these subsets, that may be a different gift. It has a lot of uses. The uses that I have found so far are calming my pets when I take them to the vet, avoiding attacks by animals, requesting volunteers that are injured to be hunted by someone who needs food, learning tricks, etc. 

When I did volunteer work with some government people they wanted me to use animals for destructive purposes. They wanted me to request animals to let bombs be placed on them and direct the animals to a destination where they would be blown up. I refused to do this. I suppose it could be ethical if the animal was informed of what was going to happen and there was a good reason for it, but I didn't see it at the time. I still have a problem with it.

One of the worst things about the aforementioned plan is that animals are very innocent compared to humans. If you can communicate with them, they tend to want to do whatever you ask. 

My gift for communicating with animals is not one of my more developed ones. I can do it, but there are already people who are much better at it than I am. 

You may be one of the people who have this gift and will be better at it than I am once you get started with it. It isn't really my specialty. Some of my other spiritual gifts are my natural ones that I would have even if I didn't have them all for teaching purposes.

I suspect that animal communication has specialties within it similar to people who have the spiritual gift for human communication. There are probably people with animal communication gift who are better senders and others who are better receivers. I am a better sender with humans and animals as well. If you can understand or receive communications from animals, they will make more efforts to let you know what they are trying to tell you, than if you are "deaf" to animal communication.

When you use the gift of animal communication they tend to like you a lot more and want to please you more. This is a very pleasant side effect. I do not know if the intensity of this effect increases with better ability for this spiritual gift. In other words, I wonder if animals will like people who are better at this spiritual gift, more than they do me. If that is so, you will have to be very careful with this gift.

Some people who have this gift of animal communication eat meat. I do not and it is difficult for me to understand how they can do it. If you have this gift you may run across this dilemma. The early stages of this gift can also cause battery draining, but not always. I don't believe this gift requires as much energy as some of the other gifts, so maybe the problem with batteries will be less.

There are different ways to perceive it when you receive animal communication. One way is you just know what the animal is thinking or trying to let you know. Another is that you think somebody spoke to you, but no humans are around. 

The biggest barrier to you finding out that you have this gift is being positively convinced that it is not possible for animal communication to happen. Once you let go of such a conviction, communication will start to happen, if you have this gift.

I hope that you will open up your mind and spirit and let your spiritual gifts have a chance to begin working. You will be much happier once your spiritual gifts start working and become a normal part of you and your life.

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