Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Do You Want A Survival Bracelet For?

I believe many of my readers are new to prepping and survival information. Because of that belief, I tend to keep my posts pretty simple so that newbies can understand them. 

Since I am weird, I often have a very unusual take on emergency preparedness. This means that I often think of things that experienced preppers and survivalists never even thought of. Even if they did think of whatever it was, they may get ideas about it that are helpful.

Experienced preppers will know all about survival bracelets, but maybe newbies have never heard one and would not recognize one if it bit them. I would hate to see a new prepper savagely bitten by a survival bracelet, so I will tell you about it for disaster risk reduction purposes. :-)

Survival bracelets are made out of "paracord". This is extremely tough skinny rope that parachute strings used to be made out of. Parachutes may still be made out of paracord. I have not had occasion to examine a parachute lately, so I wouldn't know.

Military people have justly earned a reputation for resourceful use of available materials, (and making "midnight requisitions" - but that is another subject). Paracord became used for an infinite variety of purposes due to this military resourcefulness.

Since paracord became widely used for survival purposes by military survival experts, they often carried it with them. Sometimes the paracord was formed into items worn on one's person, like bracelets.

"Survival bracelets" were the result of all of this survivalist popularity. They moved into the general, non-military population, especially among preppers. Some ex-military people began to earn some money by making them and selling them.

Eventually every, "Tom, Dick, and Harry" was selling survival bracelets, either in person or online. They have many sites that tell you how to make your own survival bracelets, using fancy or plain knots, in any color you can imagine, and some that a military person could not imagine.

You can buy jigs to help you make your survival bracelets to the exact wrist measurements that you need. There are even sites that tell you how to make your own jigs for making survival bracelets. 

You do not need a jig to make survival bracelets, but if you have a big family and want all of them to have survival bracelets, then you might want a jig. 

I have a favorite site that I go to when I want to know how to make something. It is called, "Instructables". It usually has at least ten or twenty different ways to make just about anything, with a supplies list and step by step instructions for each one. I like it a lot. You probably will too.
Here is a link to it: http://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/

Here is a short list of things that you can do with paracord for survival purposes:
You can hang your food over a high tree branch, out of reach of animals like bears. You can tie branches together to start a quick survival shelter to keep you warm. You can hang food over a fire to cook. 

You can rescue someone from a hole or cliff with paracord. You can tie stuff to your backpack with it. You can make a backpack with it. You can make snares to catch animals to eat. You can make tripwires to let you know if someone is trying to sneak up on you while you are sleeping. You can do a lot more things with it.

It is not absolutely essential to have paracord with you at all times or even in your go bag. It just happens to be much easier than hunting down plant fibers and processing them into cordage during an emergency. You will have plenty of other things to think about instead, during most emergencies.

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