Monday, October 8, 2012

Spiritual Preparedness - More About Healing

This post is a continuation about the spiritual gift of healing. It is going to be a lot about how I perceive it and what I think happens when someone uses the spiritual gift of healing.

I already mentioned that my way of perceiving, what is wrong and in need of healing inside of someone's body who needs to be healed, is through something that is like sight. At first thought, one might think that seeing inside of someone's body is impossible.

If you think again, you may be aware that even something as solid as lump of lead or a steel bar are composed of atoms made up of electrons and even smaller particles. 

Thinking of a human body that is less solid than lead or steel with the aforementioned information in mind, it is easier to understand how seeing inside it is possible. 

If you think of the electrons whizzing around making up our bodies and everything else, solid becomes much less substantial. Bearing this lack of substance in mind, nothing is really solid. There is no particular reason why everyone can't see inside of people or steel bars. :-)

I have already mentioned that I consider the energy used in previously mentioned spiritual gifts to be what I call, "grace". This is a religious and maybe a Gd sort of word. You could equally well use a word like Chi, or mana, or whatever makes you happy.

I have also mentioned that it is a good idea to pray or your nearest equivalent when you use your spiritual gifts. This also applies to the spiritual gift of healing. The energy that is used for healing or other spiritual gifts has to come from somewhere. 

It is possible to draw on energy contained within the person of the healer in order to do healing. This is a very bad idea for many reasons. One of these reasons is that you can kill yourself by healing this way. Another good reason is that you can give the person that you are healing, some of your own ailments. Yet another good one is that draining yourself to do healing has a real limit on the amount of healing you can do, and on your effectiveness.

No matter how you get the energy that you use for healing there will be times when your healing won't work. This will happen a lot more often if you suck yourself dry to do the healing.

I do not think of myself as doing a healing, even though I have the gift of healing. I consider myself a conduit for grace that comes from Gd. No matter how you view healing it will work better if you can "recharge your batteries", so to speak. You need to find a way to get more energy to heal.

When healing is going on I perceive the energy that does the healing as light. It looks to me as if light goes from the healer to the person being healed and the light goes to the spot that is injured or sick and heals it.

When I do healing I consciously direct the light to the spot or spots that need to be healed. It appears to me that other healers do the same thing, regardless of how they perceive the site to be healed or how they direct the light, by contact or not. 

I am doubtful that this blog is the right place to give more details about the gift of healing. I think it is right to tell people about basic things regarding their spiritual gifts, but that is enough for an emergency preparedness blog. I hope that people who read this will want to develop and use their own spiritual gifts. 

I believe that I am intended to help others find, develop and begin using their spiritual gifts. I do not think I am the only way someone can find, develop and use their spiritual gifts. If you can not or do not want to use me, then find another way and use it. You can't really be happy until you do. The world needs for you to do this also. 

The world is sick and needs healing of all kinds, including the use of your own spiritual gifts.

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