Friday, October 19, 2012

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Helps?

Yesterday I said that I would write about the spiritual gift, sometimes called, "helps". Helps is pretty much the same as the meaning of the word help. 

When you are using the spiritual gift of helps, you are unusually sensitive to moments when someone needs help. It may be a great variety of types of help that is needed. 

It can range from showing up with a jack when someone has a flat tire, to reading test questions to someone studying for an important exam, to baking a wedding cake for a couple who can't afford one from a bakery. 

I suspect that this particular spiritual gift involves small bits of other gifts, but in very unobtrusive ways. People with this gift don't require effusive thanks for their help and are usually very quiet about it when they have it operating. 

My youngest brother had this gift and was a little spooky when it was working at times. Most people with this gift are more subtle than he was.

One time my parents were moving across the almost the entire country to the West Coast. My brother already lived on the West Coast. He was living with one of my other brothers at the time. The other brother told me about this.

Henry, the brother with the helps gift, got up in the middle of the night and started getting dressed to go out. He woke up the other brother, who asked what was going on. Henry told him, "The Parents are out on the road with a breakdown in the truck. I'm going to go get them." The other brother had already gotten used to knowing that Henry was prone to doing this sort of thing, so he got dressed and went with him.

Sure enough Henry drove right to our parents' truck and camper by the side of the road. Henry had a gift for mechanical repairs that I always thought was some sort of spiritual gift, as well as his other spiritual gifts. 

Henry got out, repaired the truck in a short while, and had them safely back on the road to their new home. The other brother was a little surprised by this instance of the use of Henry's spiritual gift of helps. Henry did some other things that were just as eerie and surprising. This incident was my favorite, however.

I suppose you might like to know that this happened on a foggy night in tulle fog, where you can't see your own hood ornament. Henry went right to where our parents were broken down, in spite of not being able to see them through the thick fog. 

Helps almost always seems to be linked with the spiritual gift of service, which I have already posted about. I believe it is the gift of service that causes one to use the gift of helps. 

The gift of service gives you a drive or urge to help others when they need it and you can do, or have, what they need. The gift of service gives you a great sense of satisfaction from using your gift of helps. That satisfaction is often the only reward that you need from the the people that you help. That satisfaction makes you feel happy.

Before people have their spiritual gifts kick in and they start using them, they often want to have some of the more flashy spiritual gifts like moving mountains, or communications. 

If you turn out to have the gift of helps as your main spiritual gift, you won't be wanting those other gifts any more. Once you are using your spiritual gift of helps, you will be too happy to want something else. 

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