Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Computer Threat To Watch For

There is a new computer threat to be wary of. It comes from Skype. This is what it says: '"lol is this your new profile pic?" along with a URL. The message in German is similar.' 

Once it is on your computer it installs a delayed action file. When activated it causes your computer to spread the program to other computers. Experts detected 400 infected computers within 12 hours. They said this program is on every continent.

After your computer is used to spread the problem to other computers it is used for "ransomware". It sends you a message that your files have been encrypted and unless you pay $200.00 within 48 hours, your files will be deleted.

It is not enough to simply watch out for the Skype message, because "ransomware" infections are on the rise, and come from other sources as well. 

'Graham Clulely, senior technology consultant at Sophos, noted that there have been many variants of the Dorkbot attack spotted in the last year or so through Facebook and Twitter.
"The threat can also spread via USB sticks, and various instant messaging protocols"'.

Here is what Skype says about this problem: 'We strongly recommend upgrading to the newest Skype version and applying updated security features on your computer. Additionally, following links—even when from your contacts—that look strange or are unexpected is not advisable"'.

This information came from eWeek at this link: (Type it into your browser? Or go to eWeek site if you want to know more.)

Anyway. We are stuck with lots of idiots  with a little technical skill letting it go to their heads and going power mad. Sigh. This reminds me a lot of politicians. 

My reaction to this is predictable. I want you to find, develop and use your spiritual gifts so that we can stop this nonsense and a lot of other nonsense and defend ourselves from it.

I am acting on my advice to you about using spiritual gifts. If I am killed around November 3 this year, I hope to leave the rest of you with less bad people running around making the world worse.  Some spiritual gifts are good for this purpose. 

You, will never know if you have the set of spiritual gifts for this purpose, unless you get busy finding, developing and using your own. Please do so as soon as possible. The earth is waiting for you.

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