Monday, October 22, 2012

Organization Versus Destruction or Chaos

Every time you do something to make the world a better place, you get more spiritual energy coming in. You may already know of this idea as karma. Karma is not exactly the same thing as spiritual energy, but it overlaps a lot.

Karma is more of a balance between forces of chaos that tear down and forces that build up. It works a bit like a bank account. You put good energy into your life when you do good things and you get good energy back. You do something destructive and you lose energy.

The spiritual gift of helps is actually a kind of housekeeping gift for making the universe stay organized. It gives small pushes in that direction. 

Any form of life or any solid object is a form of organization. When something dies, it goes from being organized to disorganized as it disintegrates. When a solid object changes into another state like a liquid or gas, or is broken down into smaller parts, it becomes less organized and tends to disperse or spread out as it becomes less organized.

The universe is in a sort of balance between forces that tear down, or chaos or entropy, and forces that build up or hold together. Your spiritual gifts are a part of what is intended to work to hold things together or build up.

There are vast rivers of energy flowing through the universe and through the earth. This is spiritual energy, or chi or grace or whatever other names you like to give it. Science has not yet caught up with spiritual traditions in understanding this energy, so societies that place a high value on science tend to ignore or discount the very existence of this spiritual energy. This is why science has so far, been mostly destructive to the earth and to life on earth.

Science can split an atom and cause a nuclear explosion or destruction or chaos, but it has not managed to put atoms together with fusion and build up or organize.

Science is still taking things apart to understand them better. It is much like a little child that takes apart a clock to see why it ticks and then leaves the pieces spread all over the place, not ticking any more. 

I think science is on the verge of being able to hold together, organize, or build up. Once science starts to do that it will be a lot more useful. I am not certain that human use of science to make more destruction or chaos will give us the time we need for science to make this important progress.

Climate change is uncontrolled use of science that is causing destruction or chaos. Before climate change our natural systems on the earth were more organized and predictable. 

It takes a very long time to make fossil fuels. The human race ignores this and uses science to make fossil fuels into less organized states like heat or electricity that quickly disperse and become disorganized or chaotic. Some of the consequences or by-products of the process of using fossil fuels are also destructive, like air pollution.

Nuclear energy is an extreme example of this process. We take radioactive material and use it to make power that is very short-lived and then are left with spent fuel and materials used to handle it. These dangerous nuclear energy leftovers must then be dealt with for longer than the human race is capable of keeping track of them. 

No human language has been in use as long as these nuclear leftovers must be tended to. That means that we will have trouble passing on the information to keep people safe from it in the future. This process of making a very temporary benefit for a few people at the expense of uncountable other people, is very destructive and tends to tear down the universe and make the existence of organization, including life, harder to keep going. 

Using nuclear fuel promotes chaos, even if we are not blowing things up with it. Germany has recognized this, and is making a big effort to stop the use of nuclear fuel for energy. By doing this, Germany has become a force for organization versus a force for destruction, or chaos. 

The destructive force of nature that wrecked Japan's Fukushima Daichi, caused chaos in the nuclear power plant there which made a cascade of destruction. We can easily see how that happened. Looking at that process is a way to understand the process that I am trying to explain. That is organization versus destruction.

We humans must use our knowledge, skills, talents, and spiritual gifts to help build up or organize the earth rather than destroy or tear it down. We are dependent on the earth to keep our highly organized bodies that sustain the organized force of life within us. We still need the earth, so we had better take care of it.

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