Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting More Energy For Spiritual Use

If you already know that you need more spiritual energy, you need to read my post on getting started with spiritual gifts. That one tells you how to receive more spiritual energy 24 hours a day.

There are some things that you can do to get bursts of energy coming in, but to stay spiritually "alive", you need a steady supply.

My posts about music and dance explain one way to get more spiritual energy. I did not mention it in those posts, but improvisational music and dance usually produce greater quantities or intensities of spiritual energy than regular dance or music.

If you want to use music to produce a communal experience of communication, it is much easier to do when improvisational music is being played. I believe this is because people who are improvising music are making full use of their spiritual gift for music. Playing already written music can be done using the spiritual gift of music, but it is like turning down the volume compared to improvisation.

I have not dealt much with improvisational dance for the purpose of helping achieve a transcendent communication experience, but suspect that it would help.

These special communication experiences promote building up life on the earth and help humans to become more organized. When people participate in these experiences, they understand, like, and get along with each other better. This helps to build up and organize the whole world because organization tends to spread.

Everyone who participates in one of these special communication experiences gains spiritual energy. There is a synergistic effect. More energy comes out of the experience than what goes into it. This is not scientific, but science does not cover a lot.

The information below comes from the link given and it is from the "American Heritage Dictionary".
n., pl., -gies.
  1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Anything else that you do that promotes organization or building up will generate spiritual energy for you. Once you get started using your spiritual gifts more, you will probably start to feel it when you get more spiritual energy coming into you. 

At that point getting more spiritual energy becomes simpler. Just do more of whatever it is that makes you feel that way. Seek the good and avoid the bad, in other words. I believe that you become a spiritual adult once you manage to do this regularly.

The "Celestine Prophecies" fascinated me. I liked it as a book, but it got a lot of things right about using spiritual gifts. It was strange that people only liked it as a story and didn't do much to apply it to their lives. Some of it could be used almost as a textbook for getting more energy for spiritual gifts.

The part about appreciating beauty and other good things to gain energy was true. That works.

When you see something that you like, take it into yourself. Appreciate it and enjoy it and drink it in. This gives you more spiritual energy. My take on this is that Gd likes to have his handiwork appreciated and pays us back by giving us energy for doing so. It isn't necessary for you to agree with me for it to work for you, however.

A word that does a good job of describing this process of appreciation, or taking in something good into yourself and gaining energy from the process, is "grok", or grokking in fullness. The word comes from the book, "Stranger In A Strange Land". It is a very good word to use to describe a process essential to using your spiritual gifts.

The "Kama Sutra" is a famous Hindu book that describes the use of sex to gain spiritual energy. This is called, "tantric sex". It is a synergistic process.

Good deeds or charitable acts bring you more spiritual energy. Oddly enough, when you do these good deeds without the intention or thought of what you will gain from them, they gain you a much greater amount of spiritual energy.

This is not a complete list of ways to gain spiritual energy, it is only to get you started with it. As you develop your spiritual gifts, you will start to seek the good and avoid the bad, and will learn to recognize and discover other ways to get more spiritual energy.

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