Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing Jackstraws With Our Lives

I have been debating about whether to post about this subject. I finally decided to do it, because it might be so important. It is possible that I have received a death threat.

I am not certain because of how it came to me. I was working on my blog one night and looked at my cell phone on my desk. The screen looked strange so I picked it up and looked closer. I had never seen the screen look like that before. All of the usual stuff on the screen was blank. There was only a small message in the middle of the screen in a different font.

It said, "Life Timer". Then it had a number. I didn't get too excited because I thought it was most likely some perfectly ordinary thing that just seemed strange. Besides, I have had numerous death threats that didn't leave me in any doubt as to what they were. 

I did figure out how many days the number of hours added up to. It came to about November 3 this year. I thought about it a bit and called a tech for my phone company and asked if he knew what the message was. He said that it was a thing that all cell phones have that shows how long the phone has been in use. He stated quite forcefully that it is not possible to change these numbers. I thanked him and said goodbye.

I got on the internet and looked up Life Timers. It had instructions on how to change the one for my kind of phone. 

I believe that the tech being so adamant about the Life Timers on cell phones being unchangeable and then seeing that it is not so, is a little suspicious. Added to getting the Life Timer message on my phone when I had not been handling it, makes it even more suspicious. 

My life is not very normal. I have been through a lot of strange experiences and a lot of those experiences were not pleasant. This one with my cell phone is not nearly as exciting as a lot of other experiences. That does not mean that I like it or anything of the kind.

I have been risking my life with some of the things that I post on this blog, so it isn't really that surprising that somebody might want me dead. I don't have that big a problem with dying, but I think it would be better if I get some more things done first.

Getting people going with their spiritual gifts is the thing that seems most important for me to do. I am going to post more about finding and developing spiritual gifts on this blog, because of my possibly rather literal deadline.

It would be better to post more in-depth about spiritual gifts on another blog, but that would waste time that I may not have. I would like to have enough posted here for people to work on their spiritual gifts even without me available to help.

Some of the people who would prefer to have me dead will not want more people to develop their spiritual gifts. The human race can not survive unless we start making a lot of use of our spiritual gifts, regardless of opposition to doing so. 

We have wrecked the earth too much for science and hard work to cope with it. The damage is too great for ordinary means. The earth will not keep humans alive on it much longer unless we get busy repairing the damage we have done. We must use our spiritual gifts in order to repair such extreme damage before it is even beyond repair with spiritual gifts.

I am not even trying to convince people who still have their heads in places that are not polite mention. If you already know that things are not right in the world, I am talking to you. 

Have you gotten a little concerned that weather is just too strange lately? I am talking to you. Are you concerned enough about what this might mean for your personal survival and your loved ones' survival? I am talking to you.

Have you been paying attention to the mass whale beachings, frogs disappearing all over the world, mass bird deaths, and fish deaths for no apparent reason? Maybe you want to tell yourself that they are only animals and it doesn't matter to you.

You can tell yourself whatever you want to say, but that does not make it true. If all of those creatures are dying, that means we should be worried that humans can be next. 

You may have heard of the phrase, Miner's Canary. That comes from when they didn't have equipment to monitor air quality in mines. The miners used to take a caged canary along with them into the mines while they worked. As long as the canary chirped and sang everything was fine. If the canary was silent too long, the miners would drop everything and check to make sure the canary was okay.

Canaries are more sensitive to bad air than humans are. They faint or die before we even notice anything. If the canary was in trouble the miners would evacuate as fast as they could. It could mean there had been a silent cave in or there was going to be an explosion because gases had built up in the mine.

All of those dead animals are our "miners' canary". We need to take heed of the message that their deaths are giving us, "Watch out, you may be next."

There is another message that those dead animals are giving us. The earth is a wondrous place. Nature on earth is in a delicate balance. The most telling proof that I ever came across was why salmon are pink. They eat mosquitos that have fed on the blood of mammals, including humans. Mosquitos have a purpose in the food chain that brings beautiful, delicious salmon to people.

Who doesn't hate being swarmed and bitten by mosquitos? Even mosquitos  fill a niche in a part of our environment. Even nasty, annoying mosquitos have a purpose.

This purpose is even easier to see with many other animals and plants than it is to see with mosquitos. Squirrels hide acorns all over the place for example. They are pretty squirrelly and do forget where they put a lot of those acorns and nuts. The ones they bury and forget, help make forests. 

Have you ever played "Pick Up Sticks"? Before someone made it into a game to sell, it used to be jackstraws. You scramble a lot of sticks and throw them down and take turns trying to take one stick out without collapsing the whole pile. You lose if you collapse the pile. 

Humans have been playing jackstraws with nature. We have been taking sticks out of our environment without collapsing everything so far, but things are looking pretty shaky. We all lose if everything collapses.

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