Friday, October 5, 2012

Spiritual Preparedness - Healing

I have dropped my number of posts down to five a week instead of posting every day. I will be back on Monday after midnight my time.

This post is going to be about the healing spiritual gift and how to tell if you might have that one and the ones related to it. Most of the time people who have the gift of healing also have the gift of service. The gift of healing is one of my major spiritual gifts and I have the gift of service that goes along with it.

I believe that groups of gifts may have slightly different flavors when they are in one person. An example of this is the gift of service. When service belongs to someone who has the gift of healing, that person will want to serve people who are sick or who need healing.

The spiritual gift of service may also be paired with the spiritual gift of teaching. When service belongs to someone who has the spiritual gift of teaching, they will have an urge to serve people by teaching them.

I believe that I have a certain amount of the gift of service linked to various other gifts that I have and each gift of service is slightly different. I think this means I have an extra large helping of the gift of service. I seem to be more driven to serve than someone with only one helping of the spiritual gift of service.

It sometimes requires an extraordinary effort and prayer for me to refrain from hunting people down, tackling them, hog tying them, and making them let me help them. lol. 

Back to healing. When you have the gift of healing it can also result in the battery draining thing that I mentioned with the moving mountains spiritual gift. I do not know why it happens only to some people with the gift of healing. I suspect that there is a large variation in types of healing spiritual gifts. I will need exposure to more different kinds of the spiritual gift of healing to understand it better, to clear this up.

There is not a really precise dividing line between the gift of healing and the gift of  miracles. Even if you have no religion, you can have the gift of miracles. It can be like a little stronger version of the gift of healing. Miracles can mean healing of people who are closer to dying than can usually be managed by the gift of healing alone. There is more to the spiritual gift of miracles than that, but I will continue with the gift of healing here.

In order for the gift of healing to be effective, it usually requires that the person who has this gift is able to know what is happening inside the person they are healing. I have come across several ways that people with the gift of healing can do this perception.

The most common way of telling where the spot that needs the healing is, comes from a perception of heat on that spot. The healer feels a slight or more than slight warm or hot spot on the body of the person who needs healing.

The next most common perception of the site if injury or illness in the body of the person being healed is vibration. Some healers feel a slight vibration on the spot that needs to be healed.

The most rare perception is by something like sight. That is the version that I have, although sometimes I have the others instead. This one seems to be the most easy to use and convenient to me, but I am biased.

Most healers actually touch the injured or sick spot on the body of the person who needs to be healed. Other healers do not use physical contact at all or only do it part of the time.

Healers usually say that they send energy through their hands into the healing site. Some healers are not that aware of the exact process that is occurring when they heal, or are not able or willing to talk about it. What the ones who are willing and able to say about what is happening during the healing process varies a lot.

Since my perception of healing involves sight, that is how I observe the healing process when I see others doing healing. This is how I can best describe it, by what I see. That does not mean that I am necessarily right at all, or more right than someone else's idea about it.

My next post will probably be about what I see going on with the gift of healing and my perception of it. I will also talk about what I think is actually happening. 

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