Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Spiritual Gifts Of Music

Some churches don't consider music to be a spiritual gift. I can't agree with that at all. Not everyone who sings or plays an instrument, has the spiritual gift version of music. 

Musical talent can be either a regular earthly talent or a spiritual gift. If you ever go to a talent show or recital and listen to different people play, you will notice that some of the musicians and singers have something extra that transcends the ordinary. That is the spiritual gift version of music.

I do not know whether the ordinary musicians, who may be quite talented, simply have not had their spiritual gift for music kick in. That is what I think is happening, most of the time, though.

For those church people who do not accept music as a spiritual gift, it is in the Bible. In the temple in Jerusalem there were singers and musicians who played in relays around the clock. 

The spiritual gift of music is a serious thing, not to be taken lightly. It has practical applications and is not simply for entertainment purposes. It is possible for people to be healed, spiritually, emotionally and physically, by music that comes from the operation of a spiritual gift.

Scientists have discovered that elements have vibrations that are unique. Alternative healers have been aware of this for centuries and have developed their own ways of using this. Toning, or the use of sustained musical notes, is one of these. Another is done by placing crystals or other elements in contact with the person who needs help.

There is one use of the spiritual gift of music that was used in the ancient temple in Jerusalem that I consider the most important use of it. That is the one that was in operation with the relays of musicians and singers in the temple.

The earth and even the universe can sort of need a tuneup at times. When music is being played using a spiritual gift, it has the effect of healing this damage to the earth or universe, as well as to individuals. In order for the earth or universe to stay healthy, there needs to be constant spiritual gift music working.

We need to organize relays of musicians and keep the spiritual gift music going around the clock, day by day, week by week and year by year. It should never be allowed to stop. 

Many ancient religions besides the Hebrews in Jerusalem, were aware of the need for constant spiritual gift music. That was part of the reason for the existence of monasteries and other religious residences. This provided a bank of spiritual gift musical ability to allow constant music.

Many of those musical spiritual gift "banks" are no longer in operation today. The world shows this lack with the sickness of climate change and bad water, to air pollution. People do not do as well without it either.

If reading this post does not set something going inside you that recognizes it as being true, your spiritual gift for music is not working yet, or you don't have that one. Someone who has the spiritual gift of music will be very excited by reading this and you will be ready to line up or get on the list for some kind of endless jam session. I hope you do it, we need you.

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