Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Communication Spiritual Gift That Could Save Whales

There is a spiritual gift that I call the Communication Spiritual Gift. I expect it may be the one that some religions call the Gift of Tongues. It does more than one thing and there may be subsets of it that different individuals have without having all of the rest. I have not dealt much with others who have it, so am unclear as to what others have with it.

There are senders and receivers. I believe that everyone can receive to a limited extent. This may be also true for sending.

When people send, the number and selection of who receives varies. I rarely consciously choose who receives when I send. I couldn't say how that goes with other senders.

There are different types of sending. There is the normal kind which means that x group of people will receive what you are sending. My personal experience with sending is that x group of people will know what I am thinking at a given time. X group of people receiving my thoughts do not have to speak or understand my language nor do I need to speak their language.

Location does not seem to be relevant to sending or receiving. Senders and receivers can be close or as far apart as possible. X group of receivers can be close to each other or scattered across the globe. X group of receivers can speak the same language or have any number of different languages. Language differences do not affect reception.

Receivers perceive "broadcasts" in their own language, usually the language of childhood. This usually includes accent and dialect. This happens regardless of how many languages are involved.

There is a specialized type of broadcast that seems to require my conscious choice and is more localized. It permits receivers in a local area to experience receiving between each other as well as from the sender. It results in a transcendent and unifying experience. I prefer to do this during a musical jam session, preferably improvised music.

I am not the only one with this particular use of the sending spiritual gift, but I don't believe others have used this one much, if at all lately.

There are several societies that depend on a more manual version of this experience to remain connected to each other and even maintain their societies.

The two that I am most aware of are Japan and Norway. They use shared eating of whales to achieve this transcendent experience, remain connected to each other and even maintain their societies. This is why these countries persist in whaling in the face of international disapproval and discouragement.

The whaling is not necessary. There are individuals within these societies who are capable of producing the same effect without use of dead whales. For people who have the spiritual gift of this variety of sending, producing the transcendent and connected experience is not difficult to learn or do. I would like to help these individuals get started on this and give the whales a break. The spiritual gift version is a vastly superior experience anyway.

Another advantage of the spiritual gift version is that it is not limited by a finite number of whales. It is possible to have the spiritual version of the connected experience as often as the people involved want and can manage. The logistics seem as if they would be a lot easier to manage as well. It is not necessary to chop up whales, process them and distribute pieces of them. With the spiritual version, no tangible distribution is necessary.

This would be a lot easier than the Greenpeace confrontations with Japanese and Norwegian whaler ships. Once these societies are getting their connected experience, they will have no further interest in whaling.

At present I do not have funds to work on this goal, but would welcome any help with this. I am also lacking know-how. Business acumen is not one of my gifts, techy neither.

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