Friday, October 12, 2012

Remedies For Constipation That Comes From Taking Diatomaceous Earth

I am still getting searches about diatomaceous earth for constipation. My blog is rather unusual because I write my own stuff all the time. I may quote other sites and give you links, but what I have to say about it all comes from inside me. If you have searched much using search engines you have to know that one search may give you hundreds of results that are very much the same. This is probably true for sites stealing from my blog. 

I posted an important update on the post about recalled foods. Please read it. The recall is about a very extensive food poisoning recall.

This seems to be inevitable and one has to accept it. If you are going to steal from me at least get it right. Diatomaceous earth usually CAUSES CONSTIPATION!  When you post about diatomaceous earth, you need to make it very clear to your readers that they will most likely become constipated as a result of taking the diatomaceous earth and should have something ready to prevent this before they even start taking the diatomaceous earth.

This is also true when you use diatomaceous earth for your animals. You need to have something ready to prevent constipation before you give them diatomaceous earth. 

The way to work this is to have the anti-constipation remedy ready before taking or giving the diatomaceous earth. 

Next you take the diatomaceous earth.

Wait at least twenty minutes before eating or drinking anything except water. If you want water drink as much as you feel like drinking. Twenty minutes is the minimum.

Then use the anti-constipation remedy. When I need this, I eat prunes most of the time. I don't need it often because I am a vegetarian and eat so much fiber in my diet that constipation is seldom a problem for me. I understand that there are drinks available in drug stores that you just add water to and drink and you are no longer constipated. Metamucil is one that some family members have used. I have never used it myself.

Bran flakes types of cereals are supposed to be good for constipation. I make muffins with this in them. The muffins are called High Energy Muffins. They have lots of protein and fiber in them and fill you up well. I use them in place of a meal sometimes when I am busy.

I have given these muffins to friends who complained about constipation. They usually work. 

Sprouts that you can grow yourself are also good for relieving constipation. I have posts on this blog about how to grow them. These posts are in my blog archive near the earliest posts. I think that would be around January 2012 or so. 

I am going to give you the recipe for High Energy Muffins. 

High Energy Muffins       makes 1 dozen muffins       375f

1 ½ c whole wheat flour               

½ c soy  flour

2 t baking powder                         

¼ c nonfat dry milk
3 T wheat germ

¼ c chopped roasted peanuts

½ c finely chopped dates
2 eggs, beaten

¼ c safflower oil 
¾ c milk

½ c grated or finely shredded carrots    

2 T molasses

Preheat oven to 375F. Butter a 12-c 

muffin tin.

Combine whole wheat flour, soy flour,

 baking powder, nonfat dry milk, 2 T 

wheat germ, and peanuts in a medium-

size mixing bowl. Mix well. Add dates 

and mix with your fingers to separate 


In a small bowl stir together eggs, oil,

 milk, carrots, and molasses. Pour over

 dry ingredients, and mix with a fork just

 until moistened. Fill prepared muffin tin

wheat germ.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until a wooden

 pick inserted into center comes out 

clean. Loosen with a small spatula.

 Remove to a wire rack. Serve warm.

This recipe comes from "Rodale Press 

Basic Natural Foods Cookbook". This

 book is currently out of print, which I

 think is horrible, because it is an 

excellent cookbook.+

There are two main kinds of 

diatomaceous earth. One kind is for

 swimming pool filters and is no good to 

eat. They do bad things to it that make it

 poison. The kind that you want is food

 grade diatomaceous earth. The food

 grade diatomaceous earth is okay to use

 for medical purposes. If you pass this

 blog post on, you need to explain this

 along with the problem of constipation

 that comes from taking diatomaceous 




  1. Hi, Yvonne...

    I've researched DE quite a bit and I take it daily for the variety of reasons you should take it for. DE will cause constipation, but only if you are not drinking enough water. So, I find it to be a 'reminder' when we are not remembering to have a healthy intake of good fluids. Simple rule - half your body weight in fluid ounces every day, minimum. Overwhelms most people by that amount because most everyone is dehydrated.

    1. Thanks for the helpful comment. My blog was not working right for a while, so that delayed my answer to your comment. I agree with you on the importance of water and like your rule of thumb for calculating how much to drink. It seems to be about right, and the amount of water I drink is right in the area your way of calculating it says I should be. Thanks again.

  2. Hi All,

    It is a great way to promote. We are into the same business for ome remedies for gas problem, constipation cures, indigestion relief, bloating remedies and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Thanks for sharing the blog. I really appreciate for your contribution. Here my link Constipation Cures

  3. I take 1/2 a teaspoon of DE with a tablespoonful of Miralax. You dont taste or see the Miralax. It works great. I drink a large glass of water. Secondly, I do drink 6-8 large glasses of water each day. No problems. Thought you might want to share this.

    1. Same here - I take a heaping spoon of DE Earth and mix the same with a spoon of Metamucil with a glass of water and drink it down everyday. My bowel movements have normalized. However, it is important to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day

    2. Thanks for the great comments. Dehydration is a big problem for a large part of the population. I am glad that at least a few people are making sure they are hydrating themselves now. Drink more water and spread the word so others will do the same and save themselves from a lot of health problems.