Monday, October 15, 2012

Who's Got Your Back?

Most of the people in the world do not care about what happens to the earth or even whether the human race continues to exist. This does not mean that they are deep down evil people, but if you care about the aforementioned, then those who do not care are not on your side.

In order to prepare yourself and your loved ones for emergencies including The End Of The World As We Know It, you need to know who is on your side. This does not matter so much if you are wealthy enough to store enough food and other supplies to take care of anyone who shows up at your door during an emergency with their hand out. If you, like most of us, can barely scrape together enough emergency supplies for yourself and your loved ones, it does matter that you know who you might want to open your door to in an emergency.

The problem with people who do not care what happens to themselves or the world in the future, enough to prepare for emergencies, is that once they get hungry during an emergency they will probably suddenly care. They are likely to care enough to use force to take what they need from you and your loved ones.

People who are not preppers are not good to tell about your preparedness and they are not good people to welcome into your home during an emergency. Unless you have your preparedness supplies well hidden, it is probably not a good idea to let un-prepared people into your home even when there is no emergency.

None of this means that if your friends are not interested in preparedness, that you have to drop them, once you start gathering your preparedness supplies. It does mean that your self preservation could require you to meet at their house or in public.

There is an emotional aspect to having unprepared friends. This could limit your choices for friends more than keeping your own preparedness to yourself. People who are not prepared for emergencies, especially long-term ones are very likely to die. 

If you are around them when this is happening, it will be emotionally difficult for you to be aware of what is happening to your unprepared friends. Your family could be affected more than you are. If these thoughts have entered your mind, that gives you a little emotional preparation. If your loved ones have never thought of anything of this sort, it could hurt them more.

There is an old saying that seems to apply to this situation: "Birds of a feather flock together." The idea of this saying is that people who are alike, are more likely to want to be around each other. Preparedness is a sort of "feather". It may be worth considering whether you can find other preppers to flock with.

My opinions and ways of thinking and behaving are quite a la carte'. I don't fit easily into any pidgeonhole. Most people are a mixture, but I seem to be more so. It is hard for me to find a group of people that I, "fit into". I suspect that such a group probably does not exist. You may have similar problems.

If this is the case, even if you are very different from any preppers that you know, they may be good for you to spend some time with anyway. People who will still be around after an emergency do have a potentially strong bond that could override other differences.

Even if you completely disagree with everything I have written in this blog post, it is probably worthwhile for you to give it a little thought. 

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