Friday, October 26, 2012

Becoming a Spiritual Adult And Being Happy

When you become a spiritual adult, you give yourself the gift of  much greater happiness.

Many religions have ceremonies for, "coming of age", or initiation into adulthood. Most of them coincide approximately with physical adulthood or even with the onset of ability to bear children. 

Unfortunately, none of these actually mean that the person who is considered to have become an adult, really is an adult, except maybe being able to produce offspring.

Adulthood is generally accepted as a time when one takes responsibility for one's actions and one's life. This rarely happens at puberty now.

I do not believe the reason for this problem is due to the adolescents who have reached puberty and their religious adulthood ceremonies. Their communities and their parents are at "fault". 

It is now common for people to attend school long past puberty, or physical adulthood. During this extended period of schooling, the students are usually supported, or at least greatly assisted with their living expenses, by parents or their society.

This continued dependency by students causes a delayed adulthood most of the time. It is such a cliche' in our society that they make a lot of movies about it. 

None of this does anything to promote spiritual adulthood either. I think the majority of humans never reach spiritual adulthood, regardless of participation in a ceremony commemorating it.

You can't become a spiritual adult unless you are actively using your spiritual gifts. I would like for my readers to be as happy as possible. You can't get this without using your spiritual gifts.

I would like for you to read my post about getting started with your spiritual gifts and the one about getting spiritual energy and use them. It will make your life much better and you will become much happier.

I know, we all have too much to read and too much to do. We all have to prioritize and learn to put the most important stuff first. We get caught up in surviving and having fun right now and forget the really important stuff. 

The really important stuff makes us much happier than the short term things that make us feel good right now. It is like eating sugar. It tastes good, but that doesn't last long. When you are a spiritual adult, you get happiness that has some staying power.

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