Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Living In The Place Looks Nice

I am going to use this post to tell you the good things about The Place. I think one of the best is that it is safe. Very bad things will be going on in the rest of the world, that will not happen in the place. This includes catastrophic natural disasters. 

I have seen a lot about The Place through what could be called "visions". They are not like the concept of "visions" that I have read about before, however. I have not experienced a new one for many years and do not know if I ever will again. 

I don't believe The Place is definitely going to exist. I hope so, because it is very likely the earth will not continue to support human life without it.

I use the term "see" to describe my "visions" because that is what it is like. It is like watching a video. I will put the word, "see" and other forms of it in italics when I am using it to describe "visions".

One ways that I know about The Place being safe from natural disasters is because of  seeing an earthquake fissure stop dead at the border of  The Place.

I wondered about why this might be and have an explanation, but the explanation probably leaves more questions than it answers. I am supposed to technically "own" The Place. My ownership of it keeps it safe. I rent the land to the Members for a dollar a year and there is a long term lease.

There is a Foundation that technically "is" me or acts on my behalf. That means that The Place will still be owned by me even when I die. I know people talk about Corporations being "people" or not being people, but I suppose that means Foundations can be the same. I do not understand enough law to know how these things work, so I don't worry about it now. Since I am very poor, have no property, no foundation, and not much business know-how, it all seems to be a moot point.

Having my "ownership" of The Place live on after me keeps it protected. I am just taking this on faith. I don't expect anyone else to necessarily do the same. I don't have any other story about this, than what I know. That is the best I have to offer.

At some point, The Place covers over 600 acres. I believe it will become much larger than that even. I saw something where people in the middle of The Place took three days to walk out. It does not seem as if it is the exact middle either, so it must be huge by then.

The part where I saw the people walking out from, was the more populated part of The Place. There are more remote areas mostly inhabited by Natives and others, where people don't see other people much. I have always assumed that the Natives were Native Americans and that The Place was in North America. That may not be so.

I have seen evidence of an unusual sense of community and cooperation among Mambers of The Place. I believe that means it will be a pleasant place to live. 

There is a sort of cafeteria building or some sort of communal dining hall that is part of my reason for thinking it must be nice to be there. There is a wall made of logs. Mugs are hanging on that wall. The mugs are hand made and each one is unique. Each Member has a mug up on the wall. When someone has to go away from The Place, their mug is waiting for them when they get back.

A lot of the Members make their own mugs in a pottery building on The Place, but others will do it for those who don't want to.

I just refer to this building that I have seen as the cafeteria. I don't know if that is the right name for it. The cafeteria is open 24 hours a day. There are some times when it does not have a big selection, but there are always soup and sandwiches and pastries and hot drinks.

The food is especially good. One of the ways that The Place makes money to run on is through a bakery that sells baked goods all over the world. It is the same food that is available to The Members. 

I have seen people eating with obvious enjoyment. It is usually in rather large quantities, plates are full and people go back for more. There is a tremendous variety of food to choose from. The food covers a lot of ethnic origins. 

Most of the people I have seen eating in the cafeteria are not fat. I concluded from this that lots of exercise is the norm on The Place.

I have seen very few vehicles on The Place, so that must mean that people there mostly walk to get around. That must be where some of the exercise comes from that keeps Members from getting fat when they eat so much.

The Place is not a religious community. I have seen that there is a saying there that goes something like, "Freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion". One of the things that can get you expelled from The Place is forcing your views on someone else.

You are not allowed to talk about your personal beliefs or religion unless you are requested to do so. The only option a person has who wants to talk about their religion is to live such a happy, exemplary life, that others will ask you about it. 

I have seen extremely varied group worship services that are a combination of different religions together. They look very happy and beautiful to me.

There is a chapel that I like to see. It is a mostly glass geodesic dome with lots of plants all over it. There are parts of it that move out of the way so that people who can't fit inside can participate. There is a channel in the floor where water flows. It has smooth pebbles along it. The water comes from a big rock that is used for an altar. There is a pool for baptisms for people who believe in immersion.

The services I have seen have lots of different musical instruments participating. I don't even know what some of the instruments are. There are stringed instruments from harps to a Japanese koto. I have even seen a tuba. That is not an instrument that I normally associate with worship. 

The things that I have mentioned in this post are ones that seem good to me. They seem as though The Place will be a pleasant place to be and to live. I know that not everyone will agree with me on what is pleasant. There are a lot more things that I have seen that you might think are pleasant as well, even if you don't agree with the ones I have just posted here.

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