Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Corrupt An Entire Nation

If you read my last few posts, you know that the spook parasites who run the people who run this country can take over your life. They can take your freedom and they can even take your life.

If you have paid any attention to what is going on in the world or even the United States, you know that drones are becoming popular with all levels of government. Drones can be used to snoop on things. We are getting used to that idea. 

Drones can kill people in other countries. They can also be used to kill people in our own country. You, for instance.

Why do you need to worry about this? After all you are probably a nice solid citizen, honest, clean living, etc. 

All that it takes is that you have something somebody wants or are in the way of them getting it.

People have been killed for almost unbelievable things, like a pair of shoes, the change from a five dollar bill, a piece of property that was only worth something because it was where somebody wanted to put a road through, or their cute daughter, wife, or handsome son. They need a lot of prostitutes.

They can kill anyone they want to kill and get away with it. They like this idea, and some of them even like killing, just because. If you question this, just think about President Kennedy and a lot of other important people who have died.

Unimportant people are even easier.

Drones are better than guns or poison for spooks who want to kill somebody. You can't tell who is operating that drone, or where it came from. 

One of the things that our out-of-control spooks may want is your life itself. They don't play well with others. They want everything. 

You need things to stay alive. That can include fuel for you to stay warm, eat and go places. This is true even if you get your heat, and cooking power from a socket in the wall. It comes from fuel in a power plant.

If you are dead, that leaves that much more fuel for others. Lots of people being dead leaves a lot more fuel for the ones who are left.

Not all of our spooks are mean, dishonest killers. Most of them probably didn't start out that way, or even think they would get that way. Many of them are trapped in a system they can't leave. 

I almost got caught up in it, when I thought I was doing good deeds and helping humanity. It is an easy thing to happen even with good intentions.

The bad spooks don't only control our lawyers and judges. They have our police as well. They have made a planned, systematic takeover of our police. They have been working on this for years.

I knew bits and pieces of what was happening with our police before I went to Canada. I met a man there who was a criminal. He was going through a trial process and told me quite frankly that he expected to be put in prison for years.

He told me that he helped to plan how to corrupt police in Canada, the US and the rest of the world. You may wonder why he would tell me this stuff. So did I. This sort of thing happens to me a lot. I have decided that it has something to do with my spiritual gifts.

The process that the Canadian criminal told me about was not complicated. That is why it works so well. 

The bad guys grab a policeman when he is alone, doing a stakeout or paperwork in his car. They prefer to get new policemen. It works on experienced ones too, but it is even better on new ones.

They hold the policeman the few seconds it takes to inject him/her with drugs and/or alcohol. They strip the victim naked, drop them off a long way from home and leave them to make their way as best they can naked and intoxicated.

They may record this naked intoxicated condition of the victim or not. If they don't get the cooperation they want from the victim, they repeat, until cooperation is achieved.

There can be variations on the above. They use bribes to encourage more cooperation. Bribes are usually recorded for use in further blackmail, if necessary. Of course there are the special rewards like free deluxe timeshares in wonderful locations, complete with recording equipment and honey traps.

If someone persists in unwanted honesty, they can always be killed. That keeps getting easier and easier to manage.

This is what is happening to the people you depend on to keep you safe and secure.

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