Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A New Recipe For Taking Diatomaceous Earth

I have made a new recipe for taking diatomaceous earth for humans. I believe it is better than the old one because it works better.

I think it works better because it is able to reach the parasites better. The recipe includes lemon. You can probably use other acidic liquids like other citrus and vinegar. I know people who drink raw cider vinegar in water daily. If you already do that, you could add diatomaceous earth or take diatomaceous earth right after you take the vinegar.

I think the acids clear away mucous from your digestive tract and expose the parasites inside you more to the effects of the diatomaceous earth. 

The recipe for taking diatomaceous earth can not be exact, so you will have to tinker with it a little to get it to your liking. Lemon and honey vary a lot in strength, so the taste will be different all the time.

I have done it two ways. One way is healthier, but more time consuming and a little more work. I think that can be overcome a little by making up enough to last for a few days and keeping it in the refrigerator.

The less healthy way is very fast and easy, and it should be possible to make it slightly healthier by making up your own drink mix. I only put two things in it besides water. I use food grade diatomaceous earth and lemon drink mix. It has white sugar in it, which is not very healthy. It does taste good, however and is very fast and easy to make. :-p

The brand I use is called, "Country Time Lemonade". It is pink lemonade. I happen to like pink lemonade and like to look at the color as I drink it. I don't always feel like being a sensible adult. So there!

I use warm water to make this diatomaceous earth mix because I like warm lemonade and the ingredients seem to mix better in warm water and you don't have to keep stirring it quite as much as you drink to keep the diatomaceous earth from settling on the bottom.

Here are the proportions: 

1 drinking glass of warm water, 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of lemon drink mix and 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of diatomaceous earth. 

Wait a few minutes after drinking it to give it time to work, before you eat or drink anything except water.

The healthier version is a little more trouble to make, but I believe it also can taste better. I use a small amount of lemon juice, about half a teaspoon of stevia powder that has inert ingredients in it to make it bulkier. They make it so you can use the same amount of the stevia powder as you would sugar. If you are using straight stevia, it will be a very tiny amount that will be the same sweetness as sugar.

I use a couple of drops of honey in addition to the stevia powder. That is because I don't like the taste of straight stevia. The diatomaceous earth is also a slightly rounded teaspoon. I don't use a measuring spoon, but a tableware spoon.

You could easily use only honey or other sweeteners to balance the sourness of the lemon. I use warm water in this version of a diatomaceous drink as well. 

There is no good reason for adding a drop of food coloring, but I put a little red food coloring in mine. You don't need to do this at all. 

If you want maximum benefit from your diatomaceous earth drink, you should probably wait at least twenty minutes before eating or drinking anything else except water. 

People often seem to get to my blog from a search engine and don't look around much. That means I am going to have to say again, in this post: Don't even take diatomaceous earth unless you have a constipation remedy ready. Unless you ordinarily have a diet that is very high in fiber, diatomaceous earth will make you constipated.

When I give diatomaceous earth to my cats, I get out their petromalt. I wait twenty minutes after they take the diatomaceous earth and dose them with petromalt. That way they don't get constipated.

I use diatomaceous earth to keep insects out of my grains that I have stored. I have only recently begun to eat grains stored this way. The diatomaceous earth treated grain is just beginning to be part of my diet. I am still eating store made pastas and other foods made from grain.  

As I gradually replace store grains with my own from storage that is treated with diatomaceous earth, I expect to get enough diatomaceous earth in my diet to stop needing to take it separately. 

I don't know how long this process will take. I don't know how to make pasta very efficiently yet and still use mostly store pasta now.

I have begun treating my cat's food with diatomaceous earth for storage. They are now eating enough diatomaceous earth in their dry cat food that I don't believe it is necessary to dose them to kill parasites. If you decide to do this as well,  you need to give your pets extra fiber in their diet and watch them closely for signs of constipation.

Most cats like some kinds of vegetables or fruits. They are all different in their preferences. You will have to experiment to see what your cats like. Most cats like corn on the cob. You can leave a little on the cob when you eat it and offer it to your cat. It is a lot of fun to watch them eat it. I have had some that would growl and swat at anything or anyone that came near them when they were eating their corn on the cob.

You will probably have to help them learn to eat it to get them started. Some of the ways that I have used were:

Taking one kernel off the cob and squashing it between my fingers and putting it in their mouth or holding it out to them on the palm of my hand.

Poking a hole in a kernel off of the cob and letting some of the liquid inside start to come out and putting it in their mouth or holding it out to them on the palm of my hand.

The last one is the way I usually do it now. I make my cats sit up and beg for it. They usually get excited about anything they have to beg for and want to eat it, so I don't have to do anything else to get them to try it. This is a big advantage of teaching your cats to sit up and beg.

Both of my cats also like to eat peas. I just give them frozen peas that are  thawed out. I have started taking a few frozen peas out when I get up in the morning and putting them near the coffee pot while it is heating. I put the peas in warm water most of the time so they will be softer. My cats like them better that way. By the time their canned cat food is ready to serve them, the peas are unfrozen. I put about a teaspoon full on each cat's dish with the canned cat food. 

Both of my cats also like green beans. Only one of them likes yogurt with bits of peaches in it. The other likes canned black olives. One of them likes an occasional bit of leaf lettuce from my salads. Both of them like the oats I make for my breakfast, but not every day.

I feed my cats oat grass that I grow for them. During the winter it can be harder to keep them a steady supply, so I supplement with fruits and vegetables more.

One of my cats smells peas cooking even when in a sound sleep. As soon as he smells them he comes running and yells for his kitten tax. The other one prefers to be served in bed. He is 23 years old, so he is entitled to the extra service.

My cats eat a lot of other fruits and vegetables and cats' preferences really vary, so you will have to experiment to see what your cats like. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with foods that are harmful to cats before you feed them people food. Chocolate, for example, is very bad for them.

When I used to eat ice cream, I stopped getting chocolate ice cream, because I couldn't share it with my older cat who loves ice cream. I couldn't bear his sad looks when I ate chocolate ice cream and didn't give him any. Chocolate was my favorite too. 

I eat sorbet now because it has no cholesterol. Peach is my favorite of the kinds from the store. My ice-cream-loving-cat eats a little sorbet, but does not like it as much as peach yogurt or peach ice cream. He likes it better if I mix it with a little plain yogurt. 

When I make my own sorbet, it has a high fiber content, but the kind from the store may not. It is probably not a good idea to depend on fiber in the store kind. 

I know some people who stir their diatomaceous earth into a glass of water and drink it that way. I really dislike it that way. That is why I made up recipes to drink diatomaceous earth. I probably would not take it otherwise. It may be healthier to drink it with only water, but putting other stuff in it to make it drinkable is better than not taking it. 

The healthy version of this new recipe for diatomaceous earth is much less expensive than the drink mix. You need more ingredients on hand and it takes more time to make. You will have to try different things and see what works best for you.


  1. thank you very much for sharing this information.

  2. My husband and I have just begun to take DE, My son bought 4 tubs of it and shared it with his family, so we are just newbies. My daughter is more creative and has made DE deodorant that smells fantastic and works too. How about a facial mask made from DE?

  3. DE is perfectly safe to eat, but it can hurt your lungs very badly if you breathe it. I would not do a facial with it. Plain full fat Greek yogurt is much better for a facial. 2 tablespoons is enough for a facial. I add a teaspoon of honey. Wipe it off after 15 minutes with a warm, wet cloth. Yvonne

    1. Food grade DE can be breathed safely. The crystalline silica found in food grade DE is roughly 0.1%. The World Health Organization says that it is safe to inhale DE as long as the crystalline silica is 2% or less. This a level that is 20 times greater than that of food grade DE. The dangerous stuff is filter grade DE which has a crystalline silica level of up to 65%. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  4. Thanks for your information and reassurance, Rick. I will check your information and perhaps do a post on it. This might be helpful to readers.