Friday, November 2, 2012

Problems On The Place

This post is a continuation of another one about a solution to our problems. It is called, "The Place". This will make more sense to you if you read the other ones first.

The Place has a school for spiritual gifts on it. I have seen that people are sent there to the spiritual gifts school from all over the world. Governments pay for students from their countries to go there and then come back home and use their spiritual gifts.

I feel a little sad about this because I have seen things that make me think that use of spiritual gifts is not common yet. Students from the school for spiritual gifts are highly prized and rare. 

I have seen a problem about this. When students live on The Place and go to the school for spiritual gifts, they don't like living somewhere else. They usually feel obliged to go back to their own country and use their spiritual gifts there, but they are always waiting for chances to come back to The Place. Sometimes this annoys the government that sent them to The Place.

I hope that everyone in the world will eventually be using their spiritual gifts. That is why it makes me sad to see that this will still be rare for a while longer.

I have seen another thing about The Place that would be annoying to most governments. It is effectively a sovereign nation and is not bound by the laws of the country it is in. I know that would bug the sh*t out of the USA government. That makes me wonder if it is possible for it to be here. 

The only country that I know of that is a sort of precedent for this sort of situation is Vatican City. Vatican City is a little different situation. Vatican City has the Swiss Guards to maintain order. The Place does not appear to have anything of the sort.

I have seen things that make me think there must be international treaties that have real teeth in them to protect the integrity and sovereignty of The Place. One of these has to do with refugees.

I have seen great numbers of refugees streaming past The Place. Some of them are in very bad shape. I have seen Members voting about what can be spared to help the refugees. There is a lot of arguing about this problem.

The refugees have been in very bad disasters. I think some were natural disasters, but some may also be wars. There are injuries that look like bullet wounds.

This is about the length that I ordinarily end posts and the subject is very distressing to me. I will therefore stop here and resume with another post.

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