Friday, November 23, 2012

Non-GMO Soy For Preparedness

Soybeans and things made from it like soymilk and tofu, are very good nutrition. Soybeans can also be grown in a lot of parts of the world. I believe they can be good for preparedness.

I just made my first batch of soy milk and dried the solids strained out of the milk, called, "okara". I put the okara on a couple of baking sheets in my oven on low temp until it was quite dry. I left it in the warm oven after I turned it off, over night. That was to make really sure it was dry. It could get spoiled otherwise.

The next day I ran it through the food processor until it was smooth. It has a mild cheese flavor. Once it is like this, you can store it as a dried food, no fridge or freezer necessary. It will last longer if you keep it dry and cool.

I am going to try sprinkling it on salads and baked potatoes. I suspect one can make a fake macaroni and cheese dish with it. 

Okara is very high protein and good nutrition. That, along with the ease of storing it when dried, makes it an excellent preparedness food.

I used the soy milk to make a fruit smoothie this time, but next batch is going to be tofu. The smoothie had a banana, soy milk, coconut milk and pineapple in it. It was very good. 

The can of coconut milk was quite a bit smaller than the crushed pineapple, which was about 15 or 20 ounces. The proportions do not seem to make much difference. 

I ran it through a food processor, which required a lot of small batches for liquids. It would have been easier to put it in a blender, but a food processor is what I have right now. My blender died.

I used several containers to put the processed smoothie into while I was doing the small batches. I mixed the batches after I ground them up so that the ingredients would be evenly distributed. 

I think I will try making a smoothie using a mortar and pestle, since I eventually want to live off grid (off of the electrical system). I think I will probably chop the banana up quite a bit before I start and I may grate the pineapple.

When I try the mortar and pestle smoothie, I will let you know how it comes out. 

I'm posting about what I'm eating tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I already have some of the recipes posted, in case you want to make anything that requires shopping before the stores are closed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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