Tuesday, November 6, 2012

International Child Killing Agreement

Since I have already posted about what is probably a death threat against me, I might as well tell you about that some more. I mentioned that I have had this happen to me before with no doubt that it was a death threat. It has happened enough that it is not unusual to me any more.

It has been a while since the last one, however. 

I wish to post now about why I think I got this one, if it is one. I will also post about things that I consider related to this matter.

I will have to post some things about my life in order for this stuff to make sense. Here goes.

I grew up as a military brat, that is in a military family living on military bases. This meant moving around a lot. 

The frequent re-locations meant that I missed standard times for IQ tests. The government didn't get one of those on me until I applied to work at the Post Office as an adult. I got the highest score on the test. Ever. It got government people very excited because it was so high. The Postal Exam is not precisely an IQ test, but you can guess that it works that way.

I found out why this was later. I didn't like what I learned about it, and I still don't. 

The United States had an international agreement to kill every person that had a very high IQ score. I do not know how many other countries were party to this agreement, but I am certain that the UK was one. 

The supposed rationale for this agreement was to prevent a new species of a sort of homo superior from developing and wiping out homo sapiens. 

The reason I am not dead is that I agreed to work for the US government before I knew anything about the killing agreement that I take rather personally.

The US government did not keep its part of this agreement. I was not the first one that they were supposed to have killed. I was only the first one they discovered so late in life. They spotted the others at a much younger age.

The standard procedure when someone like me was found, was to take the child from the natural parents and place him/her with parents assigned by the government. The natural parents were rarely, if ever consulted about this. At least some of the time, the children's parents were convinced that their child had died, or the child was simply kidnapped.

The child was raised in their new home in a way that the government deemed more suitable than what would have occurred with their natural parents. I was told and shown examples of children being raised this way. What I saw was extra learning opportunities and special training for individual talents.

I was also given a tour of some of the less successful attempts at raising the other people like me. That was people locked up, who were clearly not sane. Some of the facilities were very high security, like high security within a high security military facility.

There seemed to be two main consequences of this government child rearing. One was the high security crazy people. The other was that the children's IQ dropped drastically before adulthood. They didn't drop to low IQ levels, just down to normal bright or genius levels.

One of the things that they wanted from me was to help figure out how to raise the children to prevent either of the aforementioned. I was the only one they had where the aforementioned hadn't happened. They never exactly admitted it, but they appeared to be doing something wrong with how they handled the high IQ children.

Of course, if the intention was to drastically reduce the IQ of the children or make them non-functionally crazy, it worked. 

This post is getting too long and I am getting uncomfortable anyway. Therefore I will quit and post again.

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