Friday, November 30, 2012

How Zoo Polar Bears Playing In Birthday Present Snow Affects You

These two polar bears are the oldest ones that have ever lived in an official zoo. They were given 10 tons of snow in their cage as a birthday present, along with frozen fish. The pictures show the polar bears enjoying their treats.

The sea ice that many polar bears live on and have for their territories is disappearing because of climate change. This and other climate change problems are likely to cause polar bears to become extinct within a couple of decades.

Many other kinds of wildlife are also becoming extinct due to climate change pressures on them and the environment they need to survive. 

Humans are more resilient than many species of wildlife, but we are also dependent on the earth and its environment to live. We are trading short term pleasures and comforts for our continued existence. 

We are giving our lives for the latest and biggest TV and car. The phrase, "to die for", is becoming literal. 

Hurricanes are getting bigger because of climate change. Hurricanes are killing more and more people. Climate change will cause storms to get much bigger than they are now and kill many more people.

We can stop making climate change worse by changing how we live every day. Most of us have much more than we need. If we give up some of those extras we are giving ourselves a chance to live longer. 

If we give ourselves that chance to live longer we can also have a chance to be more comfortable during those extra years. It is a lot like dessert. We can choose between eating it all at once or spreading it out so we have some later.

The things we are saving for us to have later are more important than dessert. They are things like having enough to eat and being able to stay warm in our homes, or even having homes or not starving to death. We need to save some of that for later. Maybe we can even have a few other creatures besides humans, like polar bears, if we save enough for later.

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