Monday, November 19, 2012

Climate Change Humor

I notice occasionally that there are still people out there who are denying that climate change is in progress. I hope that hurricane Sandy makes a dent in a few of those hard heads.

Here is a funny video that is about climate change. It is easy to watch, but has some good information in it that you need to know if you are a recent or potential newbie to accepting climate change. If not it is just funny.

I live in the Arctic area. This area has climate change happening faster than anywhere else on earth. A lot of glaciers are melting and will soon be gone in the Arctic area. There is much less sea ice every year. That means that polar bears that used to have territory out there are now crowded up against land based polar bears and they are have territory problems. 

Polar bears have very large territories for each bear. The extra territorial crowding caused by sea ice melting and taking away lots of polar bear territory has forced some polar bears to move further and further south than they ever have before. 

Polar bears have begun mating with Grizzly bears because of the southern moves. The hybrid bears are called, "Grolars". They are mostly white with some brown or very pale brown or ivory colored with some brown.

Grolars were first discovered by hunters who shot them. They are still rare, but we can expect more of them. This is because there is less sea ice every year and more polar bears are forced to crowd ashore.

Melting sea ice is also more hazardous for polar bears. They are stranded too far out at sea more often now. If the polar bears are too far out when the ice melts around them they can not swim to land before they drown. Polar Bears have been spotting swimming out where it is too far for them to get to land.

Lots of people like Polar Bears. The babies are especially cute and adorable looking. Even more people are not very interested in Polar Bears. Even if you are not interested in Polar Bears they are still important to you.

The reason why the problems of Polar Bears are important to all of us is because they show us how climate change can hurt humans.

Climate change causes lots more problems than big storms in New York, or New Jersey. One of these is weather changes in the whole world.

Climate for most of the earth is affected or even made by what happens in the Arctic. Weather people used to call the Arctic, "the weather factory". 

Two easy to understand ways that the Arctic creates weather in areas far from the Arctic are streams of moving water in the oceans called, "El Nino", and "La Nina". 

These two streams of moving water in our oceans can determine the weather for the next year over large areas of the world. They can mean the difference between good weather and bad; storms and drought or nice weather that is good for crops.

Since everyone has to eat, good weather for growing our food is important to us all. When we have droughts over such a large part of the United States as this year, food prices will go up a lot all over the world. 

Even people who can afford food when the prices go up, don't like paying higher prices. Other people can not pay higher prices and they starve or fight other people to try to get food. That means more wars. Wars have a nasty way of spreading. Even if you are not fighting over food, you can end up in a war, or someone you care about can end up fighting.

People are like dominoes, you bump one and lots more can fall down. Climate change bumps a lot of people.

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