Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Real Parasites

One of the things that I heard the spooks talking about when I worked for them was a "black budget". By this, they meant money intended for other purposes that they took for their own use. 

I think that other people should know about this. The number of spooks that this country supports is really huge. So is the black budget that provides most of their funding. The USA is like an animal with so many parasites that they are killing us. That is why you get $500.00 toilet seats. The Pentagon is not that incompetent. That expensive toilet seat is just a way of getting more money into the black budget.

One of the ways the spooks get "cooperation" and silence on all of this is through blackmail and bribery. Yes. I know. Big surprise. The surprise is how bad it is. Our government can barely function because of this problem.

That is why politicians make all those promises and they go out the window once they are elected. They get blackmailed into doing what the spooks want instead of what they promised and actually intended to do.

The extent of what the spooks do to get information for this blackmail is mind boggling. I was in shock for years as I kept finding out more and more about what our spooks will and are doing to get blackmail information.

People often say, "I have nothing to hide. What does it matter if they spy on me?" They can take the most innocent information and put you in prison and throw away the key, or torture and kill you. They can blackmail people you really need to be honest.

This is our military, our judges, our politicians and the county clerk in charge of voter registration, and counting the votes. There are lots more than that. They can blackmail your doctor and your lawyer. 

If  you have nothing to hide, then they can make something up when they blackmail your doctor, lawyer and accountant. They like blackmailing judges. Innocence won't protect you. Innocence, probably makes you an easier target for them. 

They have a tactic that they use constantly because it works so well for them. They have a lot of timeshare apartments and condominiums in desirable locations like Hawaii or Acapulco. They have those places really wired up. Everything you do in them is recorded from every angle.

They give people great deals or even free use of those places. Most people jump at the chance. 

The spooks have a lot of male and female prostitutes working for them. They have an especially large number of under 18-year-olds, or who look very young without makeup. 

Once you are in one of the fancy timeshares the spooks make sure you are drunk or drugged and have one of their young prostitutes go back to the timeshare with you. The prostitute will have sex with you. It will be recorded.

The spooks wait until you wake up or even get back home before they present you with the incriminating evidence that you have just been recorded committing statutory rape. Now you belong to them for the rest of your life.

The spooks own most of our judges and politicians. There are not many people that they can not manage to control without any further effort.
Just because you have not been blackmailed so far does not mean the bad guys (1%) do not have something ready to use on you. They probably do.

The spooks have an unbelievable eavesdropping system. Every form of telecommunications is accessible and probably under constant surveillance by them. They do this by using super computers. They have programs that monitor everything. 

The programs are incredibly sophisticated. The spooks can set the programs to flag certain key words, names and phrases. They can also set them to recognize voices. If they want to, they can record every conversation you ever have on any phone you pick up and start talking on. It does not matter whether it is a cell phone, or land line or if it is in your name or not. They can do this to most of the phones in the entire world. 

I almost left out something important. You don't even have to talk on a phone for the spooks to hear and record your conversations. If there is a phone in the room with you, they can listen. They can do this even with the phone turned off, and the battery removed, on the newer phones.

They can do the same with the internet. They can get every email you send, every chat room or forum you use. They can record every keystroke you make. Literally. Their programs are that sophisticated, and big. They have that much memory storage available that they can do this to everyone in the world.

A few years ago we passed the point where our spooks had enough memory storage available to store twenty files on every person in the United States. We have passed that for everyone in the world and they are still going.

This post is long enough. 

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