Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phun With Phones

The things that I have mentioned are nowhere near a complete list of what has been done to corrupt our country and others. I barely hit the highlights.

I am only trying to give readers a heads-up that this is happening. This is not some conspiracy theory. I have dealt with a lot of it personally. One of the things that I experienced was with my phones being tapped. 

This happened back in the 70s. That was when the phone system in the USA was dominated by the Bell Corporation. I had some very distressing experiences with my phone being tapped.

I was more upset by the phone tapping because I believed what I heard, that the USA was superior to Communist countries and others. That was partly because we enjoyed freedom from surveillance - like phone tapping.

I tried to have something done about this phone tapping and violation of my freedom. I even contacted my congressman and senators. My senator was very concerned about what I had to say. 

I was dating a spook at the time who often bragged to me about his spook work and perks from it. One of the things that he bragged about was why he and others like him liked to bug phones, etc. They could use it for collecting information that could be used for blackmail.

He said that they could eventually blackmail anyone. He mentioned that they could get any court decisions they wanted because they could blackmail the judges. He said that they could get any law passed that they wanted, because they could blackmail enough politicians to pass it. He said that they could control the most powerful man in the world, the president of the United States.

When he said the last one, I asked him if he meant that he thought he was the most powerful man in the world? He just said for me to figure it out. He looked pretty smug when he said it.

I had told my senator what the spook told me. He really didn't like the things the spook said. He talked to some other senators about it. My senator told me that the senate had decided to have a closed hearing and wanted me to testify before them. I said I would. I did it. I was not the only one testifying, though.

Pretty soon after that, they broke up the Bell Corporation for monopoly. They mentioned wiretapping as part of the wrongdoing.

I think we have the same situation now, except it is worse. Because of my experiences with having my phone tapped back then and later, I know lots of ways to tell if my phone is tapped. I am going to share some here, so you will have an idea if it is happening to you.

This one is the one that happens most often: your sound level drops on either end or both ends of your call. You have the volume turned up as far as it will go, but you have trouble hearing anyway.

You hear strange sounds on the phone during a call. Back in the 70s the most common sounds were reel-to-reel noises from recording. This can be a hum or even the speeded up noise of a tape being run backwards. I have heard this occasionally even lately. It beats me why such antiquated equipment would be used now, unless they want me to know they are recording.

The sound of relays clicking was more common during eavesdropping back in the 70s, but it still happens. Sometimes you can hear bits of conversations "bleeding" into yours. Sometimes you can hear other sounds, such as music.

Dropped calls can mean your conversation is being tapped. This is more likely if it is happening one time after another. Sometimes this is done deliberately to intimidate or annoy you.

When your conversation is tapped, it is possible for the eavesdroppers to cut in on your conversation and say something. This is usually meant to intimidate or annoy you. The eavesdroppers can also make your phone ring and speak to you or not when you answer. At times when this happened to me, I got threats, including death threats. This can be done in the middle of a conversation without the person you are trying to talk to, hearing it.

All of the noises I have mentioned can be made so loud that it is impossible for you to continue your conversation. 

It is also possible for a land line to be rigged so that your callers get a recorded message saying something that you did not put there. The message can include one that you are no longer at that number, etc. Your phone can be rendered useless by these activities.

Your records with your phone company can be messed up in various ways, causing over-billing, or other fun things, including getting your phone service cut off when you have paid your bill. The same can happen with your internet, cable and any other telecommunications you have.

During a period of intense harassment like what I have mentioned, I could not keep any phone service or internet for many months. This was long after the Bell Corporation was broken up.

I am not a criminal, nor have I ever been. You do not have to be guilty of anything to have these problems.

Before the really bad harassment started, I used to have AOL for my internet. I liked their chat rooms. Philosophy was one of my favorites. I made friends with someone who also liked the philosophy chat. 

I told him that sometimes a chat room would shut down when I entered it, so I would like another way of contacting him in case it happened. I also told him that either the chat room was closed for an extended period, or I could not get to it for a while. He was interested in seeing if the chats were monitored, as I told him they were.

He said he knew something that would get the chat room shut down right away if it was monitored. I was uneasy at his choice of subject matter to cause this, but he ignored me and started typing it into the chat room. He barely started when the chat room shut down. 

The chat room was available soon afterward, so both of us were discussing the shutdown. He said he wanted to make sure it was not a coincidence, so he   was going to do it again. I asked him not to, but he did it again. Same thing. The chat room shut down right away.

That convinced my friend, but he had to do it again anyway, just to be really sure. This time the chat room was not working for days.

Once in a while, these things still happen to me. This is since the 70s. These things can happen to you as well. It does not matter if you didn't do anything wrong, they can still happen to you.

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