Monday, November 5, 2012

Choosing Sides With The Human Race

Somebody did not like my last post. At all. It disappeared for a bit. 

(This post is a rant, but it is true. I was P.O.'d when I wrote it and have calmed down now, but some things are better written with heat, so I'm publishing it anyway.)

I am not a homo superior. I am a plain old homo sap like everybody else. I simply am closer to normal as we are supposed to be. Every single person has spiritual gifts. They enable us all to do things that are now considered super human.

All of us have much lower IQs than we should. We are being held back from what we are supposed to be. It is time for this to stop.

Since I am closer to what we are supposed to be than most people, that makes me a target. I am a target for those who want humans to be less than we should be. They do not want us to be superior to them. 

"I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!" I don't have to either. 

I am not exactly helpless. Just because I have chosen not to use my spiritual gifts much, does not mean that I can not do so. Don't mess with me. I can help you see the error of your ways if you try.

If you are a homo sap who is an "associate" of non-homo saps that are working against the rest of us, you should reconsider. You are sucking up to the wrong folks.

The wrong folks are not human. They may look powerful now, but that is only in comparison with severely stunted and damaged humans. 

They caused this damage. Why would a human want to cooperate knowingly with this? If you are doing so, it is because you are stupid - stupid enough to lick the boots that kicked you. Your stupidity was caused by the ones you are helping.

Desert your sinking ship. Swim for real safety. That safety is with the rest of the human race, homo sapiens. 

Some people have already been fighting on the right side. Finding the right side is very hard in this fight. At least some people are trying.

Not every very rich person is on the wrong side. Most, are not helping the human race, though. 

I hate the thought of blood running through the gutters from indiscriminate head whacking. It is even worse that the human race and the earth we live on be destroyed.

That is enough of this post for now. I know that it has been read as I wrote it, even unpublished. If you are reading this already, reconsider the side you choose. If you are a human being, you need to stick with the rest of us.

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