Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spook Work

Writing this post is optimistic, since I don't have the automatic post thingy on this site working and have to do it manually. Not to mention that my time will be up by the time this should be posted, according to my probable death threat. But I'm pretty optimistic for a pessimist. :-p 

I wrote this before my "time limit" passed. That doesn't necessarily let me off the hook. Writing stuff like this probably isn't helpful in that department either. 

The government people who admitted that the US agreed to kill me and others like me when we were children, said that if I talked about this stuff they would kill me. They will have to get in line, I guess.

Anyway. I am going to talk about some more stuff I am not supposed to talk about. When I worked for the government they had me convinced that I would be helping humanity and doing good things for everybody. I guess you know that even if you are supposed to be smart, you can still act stupid. I did that.

I believed those lying S*Bs. I swallowed a lot. I was so convinced, that I didn't even take any pay for the work I did for them. 

I was already working for the Post Office by the time all of this started. The people that started all the weird stuff were various kinds of spies. The way that I fed myself and paid the rent while I was doing volunteer work for the government was that they let the Post Office keep paying me a regular salary while I did work for the spies.

You are probably wondering what I did for the spies. I still don't entirely know. Part of what I do know, was a kind of spying on people in other countries. It is called remote viewing. I wasn't the only one doing remote viewing, but I was pretty good at it. I think others were usually better, though.

Another thing the spies, (I ended up calling all of them, "spooks"), wanted me to do was think for them. They wanted all sorts of thinking. At that time computers were not as versatile as they are now, so they wanted me to do things a computer could probably do now. 

They said that they needed me to think about things that were difficult to quantify for a computer. They often gave me scenarios and asked me what else would happen. They loaned me out to all sorts of government agencies and corporations that were part of the military industrial complex. 

I was often told about problems somebody was working on. Most of the time I just asked them questions about the problem and the situation. They usually seemed to find this helpful and acted excited about it. I didn't think I was really doing anything.

The spooks were always wanting to use me to kill people or blow things up. I was unenthusiastic about this. I already mentioned one of these times. That was the one about using animals. I will repeat it for the benefit of those who haven't read the other post.

Once the spooks found out that I could "talk" to animals, they wanted to use this ability, to blow things up. They wanted to put bombs on animals and then have me tell the animal to go somewhere so that they could blow something up. 

They did not intend me to let the animals know what was going to happen to them. I was very angry with them for that idea. That idea of the spooks was one of the things that made me decide that I didn't want to work for them any more.

Another big reason for not wanting to work for the spooks any more was because of nuclear weapons. They were taking it for granted that they were going to use nuclear weapons. They were not a deterrent, as was often claimed in public by government people.

I saw a map of North America on a table one time. It had that reddish purple ink that government things are stamped with a lot. The stamps on the map were all over Alaska and Canada. The stamps said, "unoccupied". I knew even then, that people lived right under some of those stamp marks on the map, and all around them.

I did not like the look of that. I was not supposed to see it. Somebody told me later that some of them wanted to kill me because I saw that map. They knew those stamped areas were occupied. 

The reason why all of this mattered is because they were going to use those "unoccupied" areas to blow up incoming missiles. Anybody there would get really nuked.

That's enough for now. 

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