Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Care About Other People's Preparedness?

Why does it matter to you if anyone else prepares for emergencies?

I have run across some people who see no reason they should care about the survival of anyone else, or at least their immediate circle of people that matter to them.

Misanthropes often become hermits or at least shut-ins. I met a misanthropic survivalist. His idea of being prepared was to have bigger and better guns than others and take what he needed from other people who were prepared.


[mis-uhn-throhp, miz-] 
a hater of humankind.

The definition came from this site:

Sometimes people who are like the aforementioned survivalist, or are going in that direction in their thinking, ask why it should matter to them what happens to anyone else. There are a lot of answers to that question. 

One kind of answer deals with the survival of the misanthrope. "If you are alone and you fall, who will pick you up?" That old saying is part of those kinds of answers. It is hard to be completely independent of anyone else. This is especially true as you age or if you have any trouble with illness or injury.

Another kind of answer, as to why it would matter to a misanthrope whether anyone else survives, has to do with our need to live on somehow. 

One way to understand this is to think about various activities you do during the day. You can think, "Would this matter if I was the last human on earth?" The answer for most of anyone's activities is, "No."

All of those, "No", answers mean that your life, and the life of most people, would be meaningless without the continued existence of the human race.

If you have enough people that you care about who are likely to live longer than you do, this whole post may not mean much. I hope that it means something to those who don't care that you, your loved ones, and everyone else die. Some of them are willing to sacrifice everyone else for their own survival.

The more people who are prepared for emergencies, the better chance they have to survive. The more people who live through emergencies, the better the chances for the survival of the human race. 

It is to your advantage to help others who are interested learn to be prepared for emergencies. Who knows? Someone you help might return the favor to you or your loved ones some day.

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