Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebration Of The 300th Post On This Blog

Monday I reached my magical number of 300 posts on this blog. I decided a little while back that once I reached this number, I would give myself a break and reduce the number of posts that I do on here to five a week or less. 

I intend to try five and see what happens for a little bit and then decide from that whether I want to keep doing that many. One of the things that I intend to watch when I drop to five posts a week is what Google does. 

Google sends out "bots" or "spiders", which are automated programs that catalog information out on the internet and put it into a format that is convenient for search engines to use when they answer queries.

When you enter something into a search engine that you want to find, you are usually given the results of what the spiders found.

The Google spiders seem to have grown very fond of my blog. I can tell by the statistics about what searches are sent to my blog. I believe my blog has become the default answer for weird queries that Google doesn't know what else to do with. It is like, "It's weird and we don't know what to do with this question, so we'll send it to

Many people who end up on my blog with a weird search engine query come back to look at it some more. Thank you Google, and Google spiders.

I did not post this yesterday, because I was in the middle of telling about the school for spiritual gifts. That is very dear to my heart, and this had to wait. However, the 300th post published does rate some cheers, a cuppa choco DE and a couple of good cat hugs.

I also treated myself to some fluffy pajama bottoms on sale at Wal Mart. They are turquoise and have snowflakes and feel like wearing a warm cloud. I also got a nice piece of black fluffy material to make a top to go with it. I'm using the part cut off from hemming the bottom to trim the top to match. That satisfies my matchy-poo urges.

Anyway. I am going to take a little vacation and cut back and take weekends off from posting here. I will probably use the time to start at least one other blog. I think I want to write one about the school for spiritual gifts and a place to live in that goes with it. It will be a good place for preppers.

I used to write ten blogs quite few years ago. I gave it up because of constant hacker attacks. Google seems to defend this one much better than AOL did. 

It is pretty likely that I will try out some other blogs as well. The next most likely one is one about my cats. They are always doing cute stuff and they seem to be at least resigned to being photographed. They do tricks and say some recognizable words. They say some  words that are pretty hard to understand, but I mostly figure them out eventually. I have recorded a few of their words already and may see if I can learn enough (ick) techy stuff to share them on a blog.

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