Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Positive Effects From Diatomaceous Earth Continued

Some sources, including the links I provided yesterday, say that diatomaceous earth has many more benefits than parasite control and ridding your body of heavy metals.

It helps your hair and nails grow and be stronger. It also helps your bones and reduces risk of osteoporosis. Apparently it also helps arthritis sufferers. 

There was one benefit that sounded pretty far fetched to me, but maybe. Some people report that their hair not only does not go gray as fast, but sometimes reverses the graying process. Maybe that is why my hair has very little gray for my age? Some people ten or twenty years my junior have more gray than I do.

I don't think you can do better than diatomaceous earth for reasonably priced and effective protection of food storage, especially for grains.

A lot of different sites posting about diatomaceous kept referring to the same study. Below is a quote about it:

"Untreated control samples of wheat were completely riddled by the end of 6 months after initial exposure to insects. Results show that 4 Ibs. of diatomaceous earth per ton or grain would prevent infestations for 6 months, and 6 1bs. per ton would last 9 months. The 8-lbs.-per ton treatment was still effective when the experiment was terminated 12 months after initial exposure to insects. The results indicate that diatomaceous earth offers promise as a means of protecting seeds against insects, and it was concluded that more extensive trials should be undertaken with this material." 

The above quote was a scientific study of rates of preservation of grain correlated with the amount of diatomaceous earth applied. It came from this site:

It can be hard to come by studies about natural pest control. That is because most studies on pest control are funded by companies that make pesticides. Those companies want you to use their pesticides, so they prudently fund research that encourages that.

The big pharmaceutical companies are the same way. They fund research that encourages you to buy their products. They don't like competition from cheap stuff like diatomaceous earth.

I have mentioned it before, but don't think I can do it too much. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT KIND OF DIATOMACEOUS EARTH! 

There are two main kinds of DE. One kind is what you put in swimming pool filters. You do not want that. It is bad stuff for taking inside of you. 

You want the food grade diatomaceous earth. It has a lower silica content. I like mine around 1% or less. It has not been treated with heat, which does something bad to it. They do that to the swimming pool filter kind. We don't want that inside us.

I am not recommending this, but I like to go to feed stores and veterinary supply stores to get my diatomaceous earth. In the US veterinary feeds and drugs have higher purity standards than those for humans and often cost 1/4 or less what the same item will go for in the animal supplies. 

We know the government does strange things. Sometimes those strange things can cost you a lot of money if you don't pay attention. Laws were passed in the US that require DE for human consumption to have more expensive labelling. It is exactly the same DE inside the package as the animal DE. I object to paying a lot of money for a label. It isn't as if it is a designer label, even. 

I am picturing chickens strutting around wearing little Gucci or Prada labels. :-) 

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