Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Percent Move To Really Zoom The Rest Of Us

I just heard of something called the Trans-Pacific Partnership and it scared the holy sh*t out of me. It should do the same to anyone who is not in the 1% of the richest people in the world.

I am putting this comment where negotiators will see it: 

"People have no Business with mega corporations. You have no right to give away our rights. No TPP."

 It is on this site:

Comments there will be streamed for  negotiators, at the Stakeholders’ Forum in Leesburg, Virginia, to see. It takes place tomorrow (Sept. 9, 2012). You too can comment on the site above.

It is intended to cover all nations that border on the Pacific. It is meant to give the crookedest, greediest international corporations the legal right to steam roller our governments and make the citizens pay the corporations to do it.

Here are the eight nations negotiating this "Partnership" now: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Every Pacific Rim nation from China and Rus-sia to Indonesia and Mexico could eventually be included.

This is so big and so bad that every citizen of every nation on earth should be concerned about it.

Even if you are not US, it would be a good idea to learn more from the sites here: (Electronic freedom publication) (New Zealand public information organization) (Amnesty International)

The following is oriented toward explaining the personal costs of this "Partnership" for US citizens:

"Turn the tide: demand a fair deal and jobs
Job Loss - This deal is slated to include extreme foreign investor protections that help corporations offshore jobs. These NAFTA-style terms give special benefits to firms that relocate investment and jobs. Since NAFTA and the global WTO, the U.S. has lost 5 million (1 out of every 4) of its manufacturing jobs.
Ban on “Buy America” - All firms operating in any signatory country would get equal access to U.S. procure-ment contracts—rather than us recycling our tax dollars here to create American jobs. Specifications like “renewable/recycled” or “sweat free” and obligations for firms to meet prevailing wages can be challenged.
U.S. Environmental, Health Laws Attacked - Expansion of the notorious “investor-state” enforcement system is slated for this pacts. It empowers corporations to use World Bank & UN tribunals to sue governments to demand unlimited taxpayer compensation if they think our laws limit their “expected future profits.”
 Benefits for Banksters - Wall Street wants to use the TPP to roll back new safeguards many nations have passed to get banks and securities firms under control and restore financial stability. Past NAFTA-style trade pacts locked in the extreme deregulation that led to the devastating financial crisis.
Higher Medicine Prices - PhRMA would get extreme new privileges that would jack up prices and cut consumers’ access to life-saving medicines. This is not only patent extensions and data exclusivity in developing countries, but new rights to challenge decisions of cost-saving drug formularies—which are used here for Medicare and Medicaid."

The above is from a site by a US organization opposing the TPP. There is much more in depth information on their site. The site can be found at this link:

These negotiations do not even include the members of the US Congress. They have not even been informed about what is in the contract. The way we know as much as we do now is through leaks. There is still more that we have no idea about. What we do know is bad enough.

The international monster corporations and banksters responsible for our international financial crisis are making a grab for power to openly run our nations. They have already proven that we can not trust them with that kind of power.

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