Monday, September 24, 2012

A School For Developing Spiritual Gifts

A remote area free of nearby power plants is the best sort of location for a school for developing spiritual gifts. I mentioned this in the post yesterday.

It is difficult both for the student who is developing spiritual gifts, and others nearby, to have batteries draining, fluorescent lights exploding, and power failures going on. The simplest way to avoid all of this is to avoid the batteries, fluorescent light tubes, and power plants while in the wobbly, training wheels stages of spiritual gifts development.

I hope to have wealthy individuals as early students. I hope that these wealthy individuals will pay enough for their training that it will enable people who can not pay anything to attend.

I hope that every country in the world will eventually send students to the school to develop their spiritual gifts. It would be nice if these students would be willing and able to go home and teach more people to do the same thing.

It would be helpful to have people of different religions and other beliefs to come together to work out ethics and guidelines for training, development and use of spiritual gifts. 

Once a person begins using their spiritual gifts they are much like a very strong man. I knew a very strong man who told me what it was like. 

He said that he had to always be aware of the difference between his strength and others. He had to be careful not to hurt others by careless use of his strength. It is the same way with spiritual gifts. You have to be careful not to hurt others who are not using their spiritual gifts yet.

Part of the work in a school for developing spiritual gifts would be finding ways to deal with others who are not using their spiritual gifts. It may take quite a while for the world to get used to having people in it, who are using their spiritual gifts in public and as part of every day living.

It may even take a while for a lot of people to even get used to the existence of spiritual gifts in others, and in themselves.  A school for developing spiritual gifts could need to spend a lot of time on the last mentioned problem. 

It can be hard to accept that little old you, can do fancy things involving spiritual gifts. You can feel something along the lines of, "Who am I to be doing these things?" 

We all have spiritual gifts that are meant to be used. We have them for a reason and we need to start using them. A school for developing spiritual gifts would be a good start on that process.

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