Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Personal Jihad - This Blog

I don't exactly try to hide the fact that I write this blog for my own spiritual reasons. The more personal part of my reasons for writing it is that it pains me to think of people dying for lack of some simple knowledge, like how to make a go bag or bug out bag.

I do not think that I can personally rescue very many people from disasters either near me or far away. This blog is a way of extending my reach, in a way, to help more people. 

I do not know everything you need to know to prepare to survive any or all kinds of disasters. I have worked with all my might to find out more than I already knew and find people and sites to tell you more than I know.

This has been going on almost every day for close to a year. I don't think it hurts to cover the same material again occasionally. One can have new insights to share, or learn new things to pass on. I do think the value of repetition is limited on this sort of material, however.

This blog currently contains 295 published posts. I believe that about 300 will be plenty of material for those interested to find what they need. Once I reach 300 posts published, I plan to cut back to posting five days a week. I will see how that works. I may drop down to less new posts weekly than five.

I would like to spend more time on spiritual preparedness. That would include my own spiritual preparedness and the spiritual preparedness of others. It seems especially important that people find and develop their spiritual gifts as soon as possible. We have an urgent need for the use of spiritual gifts in the world.

I apologize for the apparent arrogance of offering to help others develop their spiritual gifts. It is one of the tasks that I believe was given to me by my Gd. 

I believe I was given abilities and gifts especially for this purpose. I have all of the standard spiritual gifts and some unusual ones for this purpose. I believe that this unusual abundance of different spiritual gifts makes it easier for me to recognize the spiritual gifts of others and help them to develop those spiritual gifts.

Regardless of what religion you believe in or whether you have or believe in any at all, you have spiritual gifts. It is more reliable that people are born with spiritual gifts than that they are born with two eyes. 

Not all of us have the same spiritual gifts. The specific spiritual gifts and sets of them are distributed among us according to numbers of people needed to use a particular spiritual gift or set of them. The agriculture, growing things, or green thumb spiritual gift or set of them is probably the most common. This is because in order to grow food, without making damage such as climate change worse, we need many people to work on the growing.

Service is another very common spiritual gift, because we need a lot of people to use this particular spiritual gift. If you have the spiritual gift of service, you will feel a sort of drive or compulsion to serve people. This can take many forms of service. I have a rather large dose of this particular spiritual gift myself. Part of my drive to keep writing this blog comes from my gift of service. 

You can get further confirmation of the correct identification and use of your spiritual gift of service by how you feel when you are using it. There is a certain satisfaction and peacefulness that does not come from anything else. This feeling applies to the use of other spiritual gifts as well.

Tomorrow I will probably continue writing my post on what some of the other spiritual gifts are and ways to recognize them.

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