Sunday, September 9, 2012

Delaying Your Preparedness Could Be Fatal

I like a poster I have seen. It has a picture of an almost empty room with a man on the phone. He is saying that the Procrastinators Club meeting has been postponed. A lot of us belong to that club. You may be one of us.

You are already convinced that getting yourself prepared for emergencies is very important. Regardless of how important it is, you have done nothing more than think about it. You mean to get around to it, but the next emergency just has to wait until you get ready for it.

Things don't always work out that conveniently. The next emergency in your area could come before you are ready for it. The solution is to get ready for it now.

Few of us can afford a year or two of emergency supplies all at once. That does not mean that you can't do anything at all. Preparedness is not an all or nothing activity. 

If you get ready to last for a one day emergency, or a three day emergency, you will be that much better off than if you are not prepared at all.

Get off your couch or put down your game control or whatever you are wasting your time with. If you make it through an emergency, you can always take up your entertainment activities later. 

Your fun could end forever at the next emergency if you don't stop long enough to prepare for that emergency. Delay your fun instead of your preparedness. The delay for doing your emergency preparedness, does not have to be a long one. 

Look at my posts about go bags or emergency supplies lists from the Red Cross, or other disaster relief agencies. Print out a list that you like and start working on getting the emergency supplies you need. You can just do a little at a time as you can fit it into your schedule or budget.

Move your emergency preparedness up to first place priority until you get it done. That could save your life and give you more time to have fun for the rest of your life.

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