Sunday, September 23, 2012

Moving Mountains Spiritual Gift - Recognizing It

My last post did not say anything about how to recognize the possibility that you might have the moving large objects spiritual gift. That is because it might make you a little nervous to know. I think you should be more nervous not to know.

One of the earliest signs of the existence of this spiritual gift is draining batteries. Watch batteries are usually the first to go. You may have a brand new battery in your watch or a brand new watch with a brand new battery. The watch goes dead. 

You will probably blame the store you got it from. If you take it back, they may be nice and give you a new watch or battery, because when they test it, the battery will be dead, very dead.

After you have a run in with a few watch batteries, you may begin to suspect that you have something to do with them going dead. It helps if you use a watchband that keeps the watch from touching your skin. 

If you can't find one, it is easy to make your own with velcro or tape and loop fasteners. Just run one part of the fuzzy soft part of the velcro through both watchband holders on the watch so that it goes under the watch and back out. You just attach a small amount of the hook part of the velcro to the end of the fuzzy part to fasten it.

Once you start draining watch batteries, you get bigger stuff going dead. Car batteries are the most common next thing. Once you get to this stage, you should pray a lot, if that is your kind of thing. If it isn't your sort of thing, do your nearest substitute.

When you get to the car battery stage, you can lay hands on the car and get it to go again. This often works on cars that you didn't drain the battery. If you are a praying type, this makes the process work much better. If you believe in Gd I think you should always pray at these times.

Once you graduate to car batteries, you should be able to exercise some control over draining batteries and be able to consciously decide to stop draining. 

The next step, or sometimes it happens at the same time as the batteries, is electric power or lights. Something is going on inside your head that can be harmful, unless it is tended to. It is usually instinctive for an earth mover spiritual gift user to protect themself by doing something with a sort of energy build up that gets out of control. 

This excess energy is usually dumped suddenly into a light bulb or tube. Fluorescent tubes are the most common. This sudden dumping of energy usually results in an exploding fluorescent tube. 

If you get a sudden funny feeling in your head that is not like a headache and actually feels as if your head is going to explode, pick a fluorescent tube and put the energy there. You need to do this so you will not hurt yourself with the energy. It could kill you. Pick one that is away from people and try to direct the energy in a direction away from people. The tube will explode away from people when you do that.

You can scream or yell and look toward the tube that is going to explode, to give people a little warning. Do this right before it goes and nobody will notice that you screamed before it went.

The next phase will usually be electric power. Lights will start flickering when you feel very strong emotion. You need to start doing meditation or other methods of remaining calm under stress. If you don't learn how to stay calm, you are going to cause some power failures.

It is a mystery why this battery draining, etc. comes with the moving large objects spiritual gift, but it does. Somewhere along in there, you will find that you can begin to make things hanging on the wall wobble and fall down. 

Most people start with small objects first. Once you get going, you can move larger and larger things. 

As soon as you suspect that you are the cause of batteries being drained, you need to do something to protect yourself. Even in the earliest stages you are dealing with enormous amounts of energy. I call this energy "grace", because that is my frame of reference for it. Call it whatever you want.

You need to keep yourself from getting an overload of the energy, or grace. If you lose control of it, the energy can literally cause you to burst into flames. This is called "spontaneous combustion". This is what happened to Thomas Merton. 

The easiest way to protect yourself is to pray, or your nearest equivalent, and ask for help handling this energy. For people who believe in Gd, this means asking Gd to take over and take in the excess energy when there is more than you can handle. I tell people who do not believe in Gd different ways of doing it once I understand their frame of reference for their beliefs. If this spiritual gift is kicking in, then you need to figure out your substitute for praying.

It is also possible for someone who is experienced in dealing with this kind of energy and moving large objects spiritual gift, to help newbies. You can act as a sort of circuit breaker and do the praying for them. I think this is the safest way to avoid spontaneous combustion.

I also think that it would be best for people who are working hard on developing their spiritual gifts to be in a remote area without power plants nearby. It can save a lot of wear and tear on you, others, and the power grid.

I hope to start a school for spiritual gifts located in a remote area. I believe that the moving large objects, or moving mountains, spiritual gift could be used to earn large amounts of money for this purpose.  I wish to post tomorrow on what the school for spiritual gifts might be like.

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