Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Less Than A Big Mac, But Just As Important

If you are starting to feel some inner gnawing that is not met by a Big Mac, then it is possible that your hunger is for something less tangible, but not less important. 

Most Baby Boomers in developed countries have their basic needs met. We usually don't feel that we are in immediate danger of starvation, dying of thirst, or dying from exposure to the weather.

As people age, Baby Boomers included, we often begin to look at needs that are less basic. We may even move beyond the middle needs such as the safety, belonging/love and esteem or social needs. 

Once we start thinking that we won't live forever, after all, we may become interested in the top tier of needs. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, that would be personal growth and fulfillment. 

I already posted a diagram of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs twice. I drew it myself so you can print it out to use for your preparedness. I did that because I believe it can be an important tool for life as well as for preparedness. 

We don't need to spend nearly as much time groping in the dark, wondering why we do things, if we have a glimmer of light to guide us. 

Humans are usually predictable about stages that we go through. Most of us start thinking about our next level of needs as we meet the lower ones. I highlighted the last sentence, because that is the glimmer of light that I think we need to guide us.

The personal growth and fulfillment that we are groping blindly for is our spiritual development. We are hardwired to need this at some point in our lives. The longer we wait to work on fulfilling this need, the more urgent our need to fulfill it. It makes no difference what, if any religion, you have. You still have an inner need to develop spiritually.

In order to have a truly happy life you must find and develop your spiritual gifts. This does not mean you suddenly turn into Gandhi or Mother Theresa. 

Your spiritual gift(s) will probably be different than theirs. You very likely have some vague longings that are your spiritual gifts trying to surface.

Growing things or some sort of gardening is probably going to be the most common one. Moving things around by telekinesis could be fairly common. We badly need this one for disaster relief and transport. 

There are already a few people who can use their green thumb spiritual gifts and move things. The green thumb one is more socially acceptable, but not the moving things one. 

Once people who can move things through telekinesis can do it in public without fear of being burnt at the stake, we could already start enjoying a better world. Instead of people risking their lives to haul someone out of collapsed buildings, someone with telekinesis could do it.

Once more people are using telekinesis, it can be used for transport. We will not have to pollute the air and make climate change worse. A person with the spiritual gift of telekinesis can move huge loads instantly, with no damage. 

Truck drivers would not have to worry. It would take a long time before there were enough telekinesis people working in transportation to make a lot of difference. Since it will take so long, we do need to get started as soon as possible.

Healing is a spiritual gift that is already used sporadically by a few people who know they have that gift. Increased disaster injuries and epidemics mean that we will have increasing need for this spiritual gift. 

The gift of healing is not a substitute for medical care. Now it is good to use in addition to regular medical care. This gift can often work where regular medical care will not. 

There are many other spiritual gifts and combinations of them that people have and are not using or not using very much. 

I don't believe spiritual gifts will go away if they are not used, but they will not get stronger unless they are used. When spiritual gifts stay weak because of disuse they resemble muscles that are not used. Another way they resemble muscles is that they can have a bad effect on the health of a person when not used.

For your own personal health you need to find and develop your spiritual gifts. For the health, and probably the continued existence of the human race, you need to find and develop your spiritual gifts.


  1. Thanks Your blog is like a flashlight...it definitely makes me take a look at some parts of my heart that would like to remain shadowy. Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. It is very encouraging to help me continue writing. It is good to know that it helps people.