Friday, September 7, 2012

Protection Against EMPs - Faraday Cages

I have already posted about how to make your own Faraday Cage and also about EMPs. Those posts have not been read much lately, so I am going to post about them again. I believe we are at extra risk of WWIII because of US oil drilling in the Arctic ocean area. I posted about that also.

It concerns me that new readers will not be aware of what EMPs are, and why they are necessary to plan for.

I am going to tell you what EMPs are first. EMP is short for ElectroMagnetic Pulse. It is a kind of invisible energy that zaps electronics. If you depend on any electronic devices, yours could be destroyed by an EMP. 

We mostly get EMPs from two sources. One of these sources is the sun. The sun has been doing things that have never been recorded in human history. The sun has been doing very large Coronal Mass Ejections. That means the sun sort of explodes in one spot and throws a piece of sun out into space. An EMP goes along with this Coronal Mass Ejection. Some of these EMPs from the sun are big enough to reach the earth and fry electronics here. 

The sun has sent out EMPs to the earth before in history, but they were not quite this big and we didn't have electronics then. During a previous bout of sun EMPs they caused telegraph wires to burst into flame. 

Now that we have electronics, when we get EMPs hitting the earth from the sun's coronal mass ejections, the electronics are in trouble. A fairly recent EMP that hit Canada knocked out a power grid there.

Many power grids on earth are dependent on electronics that can be knocked out by an EMP. An EMP can also kill cell phones radios, TVs and cars. Very old cars without electronics in them are not affected by EMPs.

The second major source of EMPs is nuclear bombs. If a nuclear bomb explodes up in the air it causes a big EMP. Once Military Industrial types found that out, they naturally began planning to cause worse EMPs with the design and use of nuclear weapons.

That means that not only will a lot of us be fried by a nuclear war, the survivors will be walking and have no electronics. If you plan to survive a nuclear war, protecting at least a radio would probably be a good idea.

That is why I posted about EMPs and how to make your own Faraday Cage to protect your electronics. I made a Faraday Cage to protect my emergency radio and I shared the information about how I did it with my readers. I hope that you too will be able to have a working radio after an EMP.

They do have very fancy and expensive Faraday Cages to protect electronics. Some of them comprise an entire building and are made so that they think it will protect electronics that are in use.

If you make a cheap Faraday Cage, you are going to have to not use the electronic device that you are protecting. I can not guarantee that this cheap home made Faraday Cage will work to protect your radio or my radio from an EMP. The people who make the entire building ones, can't really guarantee theirs either. That is because we don't really understand EMPs or how to protect anything from them effectively. 

All that we have is a pretty good idea of how to protect electronic devices from EMPs. I will take the pretty good idea and my cheap Faraday Cage for now and hope for the best. Maybe you should too. Take a look at my posts about making your own Faraday Cage. 

If you feel ambitions you can go for the soldering and copper mesh and grounding route, or you can pay someone to do that. It won't be cheap, even if you do it yourself, however. Oddly enough, copper is kind of expensive lately.


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  2. While you at it, get up and running with a little bit of off the grid solar. You can run anything thta you can plug into a car cigarette lighter outlet with this set up. Under $200.