Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Bible Codes And Your Survival

A book was published a while back, called the Bible Codes. It caused quite a sensation because it was discovered that using skip codes to look up things in the Bible, the death of President Kennedy and the name of his assassin were in there. These could only be found at the time by using old original texts made into computer programs. 

I investigated a site that has one of the Bible Code programs online that you can use for free. That is why my post is late tonight. I got lost and didn't come up for air until it was time to publish today's blog post. I usually have some extras ready, but not today. I already published some while I was working on the site.

Something that I found on the site by using it was quite relevant to this preparedness blog. It seems to be saying that we will get war this year. I am not sure whether this is particularly significant or not since we always have war somewhere. That question is one that I have been pursuing an answer to.

I discovered that my name is to be found repeatedly through the Bible. That really got my attention. I know that I was in the mind of my Creator before my spirit came to my bones in the womb of my mother, but the parts of the Bible that mention my name were written a lot before that.

This information seems relevant to people who do not believe in any Religion or who have a different Holy Book. Many events throughout history are to be found in the Bible Codes. It is always helpful to get a little advance warning about information necessary to survival and historical events are part of that. Historical events have a way of making it hard for some people to survive them. Any way of knowing about one of these ahead of time might help one's survival.

I know I have been posting on spiritual gifts and how to recognize them. This sort of applies. One of the spiritual gifts is being able to know about events before they happen. This spiritual gift is called prophecy. Whatever method you use to give a heads up on coming events that will affect you and others is good. I think it is still prophecy if you use Bible Codes. You might try out some free Bible Codes sites to see if it works for you. It could be a way to get going on your spiritual gift of prophecy.

Here is a link that is kind of technical for the average person, but if you are any kind of math or science buff, you may really like it:

It deals with the Torah, specifically, but since it was stolen from the Hebrews and used in the Bible, I consider them the same. My apologies to Hebrews.

I am not a math buff, so I have taken the word of one who is, and find the results to be beautiful and astounding.

Here is a site that I have been examining and using that allows the free use of one of the Bible code software programs:

This is the one where I found the mention of war this year. I am still working to find out whether this program will let me know whether this is a war of particular significance.

In case you want to find the same information on this program, you need to put this year in as words because the program will not accept numbers. I did it as two thousand twelve. I'm going to find out whether it is going to be WWIII, if that is possible.

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