Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spiritual Earth Moving

Yesterday I mentioned that I would post about the moving large things spiritual gift. Some Christians would say this is not a spiritual gift, but Jesus said that if one has faith the size of a mustard seed one can move mountains. I'd say that he was giving his approval of that particular form of earth moving activity as a spiritual gift. 

Christians are the group I have considered most likely to want to burn other people at the stake for using their spiritual gifts. I don't think all Christians would do that, but there are some that I would be pretty worried about in that department.

Icebergs are not mountains, but some of them are about the same size as mountains or larger and I think we have a much more immediate need to move icebergs than we do mountains. Therefore I think we should start moving icebergs first.

People have already talked about using tug boats to tow icebergs to areas that need the water. Moving the icebergs using spiritual gifts has several advantages over using tug boats. 

  • It is less dangerous for tug boat crews and other water traffic.
  • It does not use precious fuel.
  • It is cheaper, depending. :-)
  • It does not waste a lot of water from the melting of the iceberg as it is towed.
  • It does not require the iceberg to be blown up or cut up.
  • It does not require further transport on land.
  • It would be a good beginning for PR on the use of spiritual gifts.

The use of spiritual gifts for this iceberg delivery purpose has a few disadvantages.

  • The first few people to do this could be burnt at the stake.
  • Bilderbergs might put a contract out on the first few people to do this.
  • The use of spiritual gifts has not been tested in public a lot recently and thinking of the first two disadvantages could cause problems for someone trying to use this spiritual gift.
  • Success with such a project might make the spiritual gift user want to place large objects on papparazzi or their equipment. Or both. :-p
Maybe you have the spiritual earth mover gift. If so we need you out there using it. You don't have to go first. You can just practice in private and start up after it is safer to use it in public.

Once there are enough people who can use this spiritual gift, I believe it will be possible for a group effort to actually move the planet to dodge speeding asteroids on a collision course and especially bad coronal mass ejections from the sun. This gift could be a real collective bacon saver for the human race, so we need it a lot.

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