Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good News And Bad News About Your Food

This blog post is about eating and getting food to eat. I don't want to only tell you the bad news with this post. I want you to know the disasters we need to get ready for so you can prepare to survive them. Then I want you to start thinking about what we can do to fix this climate change mess and make it better. It won't be easy. 

It probably will take a long time. It could even take many generations to fix our climate mess. Part of this mess affects our food. For some people to understand this takes a bit of explaining.

I would like to do whatever I can to survive the many disasters that I believe we have coming, as a result of the changes humans have made to the planet we live on. One of those changes is climate change. 

Climate change does not sound that bad when you first hear it. You might think that it will be rather nice having warmer winters. We have already noticed that means warmer summers too. The warmers summers we are getting are bad enough to kill people. We have barely gotten started with climate change.

Climate change is a much better term to use for what is happening on Earth than global warming. That is because we won't get anything as predictable as only warming. It is going to be as if weather all over the world was put into a giant blender and scrambled. 

Weathermen will probably all have gray hair before their time. Our weather is already doing lots of record highs, lows, wet, dry, etc. It is going to get more and more unpredictable for the rest of our lives. We are going to get more storms and bigger ones. 

Really bad unpredictable weather can kill us, especially if we are unprepared for the disasters it causes. The worst part of all of this unpredictable weather is our food. 

There is a smaller part of the human race that has any connection to producing our food now than ever in history. In the US it is less than 1% of the population. That brings a bad lack of understanding about where food comes and how it gets to our tables. This means you may have to work a little to even understand how bad our food problem is.

Even without climate change, we would be in very bad trouble with food worldwide. Good farmland and good water and the fuel to run farm equipment and get the food from the farms to our tables are disappearing fast. This is happening while we are making too many more people who need to eat that food. 

Giant factory farms that raise only one crop have been the answer to this problem for a while. They do produce a lot of food. The cost to produce that food on the giant factory farms is too high, and it is not only the money cost.

Those giant factory farms are the agricultural equivalent of the banksters and mega corporation moguls who keep robbing the public of money. 

There is no way that I can explain how all of this works to people who think milk comes from the grocery store and tomatoes grow in cans, in this blog. If you care about continuing to eat, you need to find out more for yourself about what is involved in your food.

I can tell you simply that what we are doing now to get our food will not keep working. We need to do something different and we need to get right on making the changes.

There are necessary changes that even little everyday people like you and I can make. I would like to begin telling you tomorrow about some things to think about and do to help you and others be able to keep eating.

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