Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why It Will Be Good For People To Use Their Spiritual Gifts

It is probably not necessary to have a lot of people interested in developing and using their spiritual gifts to get started. I  have not covered the uses of spiritual gifts at all thoroughly. This aspect of spiritual gifts will probably take a very long time to thoroughly explore as more and more people start using theirs.

I have not mentioned a special application of some spiritual gifts. Some spiritual gifts allow the people who have them to see things that are happening that are far away and not visible to ordinary sight. This kind of ability is already known about in some circles, at least theoretically. Other spiritual gifts would allow one to travel and take one's body or even other people along. This could include travel off of Earth and out of our solar system. I don't think distance is a factor in some spiritual gifts, so travel to places out of reach by using rockets, etc. is possible. Time does not seem to be a factor in travel using spiritual gifts, or if so, it is almost negligible.

It is also possible to repair some ecological damage by using spiritual gifts. Once enough people are using their spiritual gifts, new damage to the environment of the Earth would stop. Some people would be sure to choose to use their spiritual gifts for reversing and repairing damage to the Earth and the environment.

Some Christian churches teach that spiritual gifts are only possible to develop by members of their congregation. Since I have said repeatedly that this is not true and even people who are not Christian or who do not believe in any Gd have spiritual gifts, most members of those churches will not want to pay attention to what I say. 

One of the tactics that people who have power use is to tell the people they have power over things that will keep them from paying attention to anyone else. If feel a little sad that a lot of people may never find their spiritual gifts, let alone use them, because of this problem with power.

I know that some people have noticed that I implied that people in some churches that believe in spiritual gifts will never learn to use them. 

If those churches were very effective in getting their congregation members to use their spiritual gifts, the world would not be in the mess it is now in. One of the things such churches tell their members is that people who are not in their church who seem to have spiritual gifts are faking them or getting them from the Devil. I think this is for the purpose of keeping power and control over their members.

People who are using their spiritual gifts will usually have a big survival/preparedness advantage over people who do not even know what their spiritual gifts might be. This is one reason why I wish to encourage and help as many people as possible, to learn what their spiritual gifts are and to use them. 

Here is a short version of why it will be good for more or all people to use their spiritual gifts. People who use their spiritual gifts are much more likely to survive disasters or even to prevent a disaster. The world will be a better, happier, and healthier place with a lot of people's spiritual gifts being used.

The human race is much more likely to kill itself off without a lot of use of our spiritual gifts. We can repair some damage to the Earth with our spiritual gifts. We can stop from doing more damage to the Earth and what is on it.

People will not have the sickness that comes from not using their spiritual gifts and will be much happier when they start using them.

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