Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disaster Risk Reduction Through Personal Development

I believe that we human beings are not using very much of our abilities. The most untouched part of our abilities are our spiritual ones. These do not depend on a particular set of beliefs or religion, or even on having a religion. I think we are all born with them.

These spiritual abilities are meant to allow us to do things that are currently thought of as impossible. Some of these abilities that are more well-known, are the ability to communicate through thought, both sending and receiving. Others are healing sickness and injury and moving objects by thought.

Researchers all over the world have experimented and discovered that these abilities exist in some people. 

I believe that every single person has one or more spiritual ability to do things that are now considered extraordinary or even impossible. I also believe that we can and should learn to use these abilities. I think that not using them makes us sick. I don't think we can be healthy and whole without finding, developing, and using our own spiritual abilities, or gifts.

I think that if even a minority of people begin to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts, that we can begin to repair the damage to the earth. I also think that we can make life better for ourselves and others when we use our spiritual gifts.

I would like to begin training people to find out what their spiritual gifts are, to develop or strengthen them, and then to use them. I hope to find other people who are interested in doing this.

Finding out what your spiritual gifts are is not something that you can do overnight and it requires some determination to continue working on it long enough for anything to happen. It is easier to do with less distractions. It is also safer for the individuals working on their gifts and the people around them, if the work on the gifts is done in a more rural or wilderness area.

It is possible to work on one's spiritual gifts in any kind of surroundings, but a heavily populated urban area with lots of equipment operating, is not the best. 

People who do not have strong preconceptions about what is possible, for something like spiritual gifts, tend to develop their spiritual gifts more easily. If your cultural background admits that such "extraordinary" abilities exist, then it will probably be easier for you to find out what your abilities are and to use them. 

There is danger that can come in the early stages of development of spiritual gifts. This is a good reason to have some help from someone who has some experience with spiritual gifts.

I think that the reason my spiritual gifts were developed more than usual, is so that I can help others with theirs. 

I would like to begin doing this as soon as possible. I believe getting as many people to find, develop, and use their spiritual gifts is essential to the survival of the human race. This may be essential to even keeping life on the Earth.

I wish to begin posting tomorrow about potential difficulties that may block or slow the development of spiritual abilities. Then I wish to write about what other kinds of spiritual gifts exist, so that readers can begin to think about what their own might be.

Here is a link to a video that made me feel more hopeful about bad things that are going on. I think it might cheer up others who are worried too, regardless of their personal beliefs. It is nice to know other people are paying attention, and well, awake.

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