Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disaster Risk Reduction - Part 3 Of List Of Your Spiritual Gifts

If you are new to this blog or have not been here for a while, this post is part of a series on Spiritual Abilities. Everyone has them, even though some church people like to lay exclusive claim to them. Each individual has one or more spiritual ability or gift. 

This post is part of a list of possible spiritual gifts that you may have. Finding and developing your complete set of spiritual gifts is essential to real disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction. I will explain more about why and how these spiritual gifts might be used in the next post.
  • Tongue - This is usually called Tongues by church people. The non-church version might be someone who has a remarkable flair for linguistics or any form of communications. 

  • Interpretation of Tongues - I can not think of a non-church version of this one at the moment. When I do I will edit this and add it.

  • Voluntary poverty - Some people are really not into possessions. People belonging to the Jain religion are the most extreme example of this that I know of. People with the non-religious version can inspire others with excess possessions to free themselves.

  • Martyrdom - People who think they have this one can be extremely annoying. People who really have activated and developed the spiritual gifts version can be enormously inspiring and start or end wars with it.

  • Exorcism - Yes, Virginia, there are things around that we might describe as demons. This is usually paired with discernment of spirits. It does not have to be exclusively religious.

  • Celibacy - It is easier to dedicate oneself to any worthy cause if a family or significant others are not a part of one's life. This is not limited to churches.

The two links below are primarily for Christians who must have Bible citations to accept information about Spiritual Gifts. 

Read more: Christian Spiritual Gifts of the Spirit |

There are other spiritual gifts that I have seen or heard about, but some people would classify some or all of them under the ones that I already listed.

Extra Sensory Perception is a spiritual gift. It can be for either sending or receiving converstions that don't require communication through normal channels such as voice, writing, etc. It can also be both spiritual gifts given to one person.

The ability to move objects without touching them is known as telekinesis. It is also a spiritual gift.

Precognition or knowing things that will happen in the future is another spiritual gift. Some church people would be offended by this one. For those people, knowing the future is reserved for Gd. Precognition is different as a spiritual gift. 

One of my cats is 22 years old and has been with me most of his life. He knows me very well. I joke that he is an anthropologist with fur, because he seems to have made a science of studying me. He likes to show off how well he knows me sometimes. One of the ways he does this is to do things like sit on my exercise bike seat right before I am ready to sit on it and use it. He is sort of displaying precognition or knowing something that will happen in the future. He does this because he knows from watching me what I do and am usually going to do next.

Precognition is like what my cat does, except more so. It is not the same thing that Gd does.

Someone who has a "green thumb" is displaying a spiritual gift, although I don't know what to call it.

A person who has an unusual rapport with animals is displaying another spiritual gift. This one could easily be grouped with the spiritual gift of tongues. I think that it will be necessary to have special names for gifts like this one, that might fit under another category, in order to teach people to use them efficiently, especially when use of them becomes the norm.

Someone who has an uncanny ability to repair machines is using a spiritual gift. 
A person who is brilliant with logistics is using a spiritual gift. 

I believe there are many more spiritual gifts or variations thereof. I don't intend to provide an exhaustive list of them here. My intent is to give an idea of what is possible with the range of spiritual gifts that people have and are mostly not using.

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