Friday, May 25, 2012

Having Help When You Need It Can Save Your Bacon

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, when you begin to develop your spiritual gifts you are a bit erratic about controlling them. This is why it is a good idea to have a little human backup with some experience in spiritual development. 

This is what did Thomas Merton in. He was making big leaps in his spiritual development and he was working without a net. He did not have anyone who was closely advising him with this experience. He was acquainted with people who had this experience, but they were mostly, if not all, in other religions.

A couple of these people with the spiritual development experience were quoted in some of the information in the links I have provided for you. They said that he needed to delve into his own traditions to find out about spiritual development. That meant they were trying not to but into the business of his own religion. They were apparently assuming he was getting help, that he either was not receiving, or there was not enough help.

I also mentioned in previous posts that one of the side effects of beginning spiritual development is spraying energy or "grace" around the landscape. This can result in interference with communications equipment or even electrical power and batteries.

At the earliest stages of spiritual development, the amount of energy involved is usually low enough to not be very dangerous. As your spiritual development progresses, the amount of energy that you are dealing with increases enough to become dangerous.

It is like children with matches. You don't want them handling them until they learn how to strike them with the book or box closed, keep flammable materials out of the area, etc. There is an equivalent with spiritual development.

Thomas Merton did not get this safety training. He died of spontaneous combustion because he didn't have the training when he needed it.

It was a very good death for him. He probably didn't even notice that he was dying, because he was so happy. When people experience spontaneous combustion they are experiencing exstacy. This experience releases a lot of energy all at once. It can incinerate you before you know it.

It is not big deal if you are prepared to deal with it before it happens. I hesitated to write this because I do not want to frighten off people who might otherwise be interested in developing their spiritual gifts. Find an experienced mentor for your spiritual development and you will be safe.

I narrowly escaped getting killed by the C.I.A. and my spiritual development is not sufficient for me to not take that personally. I have also had numerous very unpleasant experiences due to them, and am not taking that well either.

I hope to advance sufficiently to overcome my distrust, among other negative emotions, regarding the C.I.A., but I have a ways to go on that.

I have not defended the C.I.A. out of concern for their well-being. I am afraid that if the wrong people are convinced the C.I.A. killed Merton, they might kill C.I.A. people. I am sure the C.I.A. would retaliate, and I don't want a nuclear war. Things are touchy enough already. Spontaneous human combustion

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