Saturday, May 12, 2012

Comfort About "The End Of The World"

There is something that I read in the news that I believe is important to share with my readers. I expect that many of you are worried about the Mayan calendar ending this year. The news says that a discovery was found that shows that the Mayan calendar does NOT end this year.

I am going to interrupt my planned blog posts to tell you about this news to give you a little bit of comfort. This is not meant to make you think that preparedness is not necessary. It still is.

We still have a lot of scary-looking things looming in our near future. We must protect ourselves by being prepared for various specific and generic disasters.

The discovery was in Guatemala, and it was found in an excavation that was probably the home of a royal scribe in the Mayan court. One wall of the excavated room has calculations on it connected to the Mayan calendar. 

These calculations make it clear that the Mayan calendar does not end this year, and this year is only the end of a repeating cycle. I learned this elsewhere a short time ago, but had no corroborating evidence for it. These Mayan calendar calculations definitely provide this.

I prefer to worry about the most realistic version of horrible impending events that I can possibly find. There is enough to worry about without wasting my worries on things that are not as likely to happen. 

In case you are new to all of this, the end of the Mayan was taken, along with many other authorities, to mean that this year, (Dec. 21 to be exact), would be the end of the world. Some interpretations of these things were that things may become chaotic or reach a crisis or several crises, but it will be survivable. I go for the last idea and am posting on this blog to help other people to be able to prepare to survive whatever comes.

I consider my blog to be a preparedness, light, version. I strongly advise readers not to stop with my blog for their preparedness, but to use the links I often provide to learn more.

If you are short on money for preparedness, my blog has a lot of cheap preparedness ideas, and I try to point readers to others. I am in that spot myself, so we who share that problem must use ingenuity, time, and effort to make up for the lack of money. We can be prepared for emergencies even without a lot of money. 

I would like to encourage my readers to keep your spirits up and let your own work encourage you, as you do whatever preparedness measures you can manage.

Studying how to make a Dakota Stove does not require you to spend any money and it does a lot for your preparedness. Study and practice making a fire, and you may be more prepared for a disaster than someone who is wealthy.

I plan to publish about kinds of spiritual gifts that individual readers may already have, tomorrow.

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