Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disaster Risk Reduction - A Partial List Of Your Possible Spiritual Gifts

If you are not a Christian, please bear with me when I am speaking of Christian beliefs. I do not know a lot of terminology to speak of some aspects of spiritual abilities or gifts that does not sound Christian. The subject of spiritual gifts applies to you whether you are Christian or not and even whether you believe in Gd or not.

I would like to ask Christians to bear with me if I say something that you are not used to hearing or accepting either. 

We are in a crisis situation and do not have the luxury of dealing only with people who believe the same as we do. We need to put aside our prejudices and get along, to handle our emergency.

I am using Christian lists of spiritual gifts first because that is the most organized listing and definition of some of them that I know of.

List of Spiritual Gifts:
  • Prophecy - The definition of this gift varies with Christian denominations. It usually refers to people who see glimpses of possible futures based on a current course of action. Some denominations have other definitions such as that prophecy is messages straight from Gd to their congregation, using a person in the group to speak. A form of divine possession is one way of looking at this interpretation.
  • Leadership - Some churches use this to mean only leadership intended for the specific use of their church or congregation. This is true for all or most spiritual gifts from this viewpoint, so I will not repeat it with each gift. I know this is not true because of personal experience with all sorts of people who have spiritual gifts and who use them.

  • Healing - This one is the ability to heal various sorts of illnesses.

  • Apostle - This is something like an ambassador, with authority. In current context I would think someone with this gift would seek out others who are interested in finding and developing their own spiritual gifts.

  • Service - This gift is serving other people. The people I have known with it usually have it with one or more other gifts. Most of the people I have known with it have also had the gift of healing and do work in medicine.

  • Teaching - It is possible for a person to have a non-spiritual gift for teaching as well as a spiritual gift for teaching. Someone like this will be an extraordinary teacher. This will not be as apparent if the teacher with double gifts does not have their spiritual gift for teaching fully developed and in use.

  • Exhortation - This is one of those people who have an uncanny way of saying exactly the right thing at the right time. This ranges from encouragement through scolding. It is the use of words to help another excel.

  • Giving - This gift usually comes with some ability to gather enough extra resources to share them with those who need them. People with the spiritual version of this gift get enough internal satisfaction from giving, that they do not need recognition for their generosity.
  • I am going to split this list and continue tomorrow, because it is too long for one post.

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