Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Find Ways To Solve Your Problems

If you are capable of reading this blog post and thinking about it, you have some abilities that can help you a lot. Most likely you are not using them or do not even realize they exist.

There is an easy way to get started using your special abilities. I am going to share a way to use your subconscious mind to solve problems. It is so easy that you may be tempted to not take it seriously. This would be a very wasteful mistake. You should give it a good try to see what happens. Practice makes you better at it, so keep working at it.

Pick a time to start this when you have some problem that you are trying to work out, or something is bothering you.

You need paper and something to write with. I suggest a pencil or something that does not require you to sit up. You might also like a clipboard or book to put behind the paper and give you a firm writing surface, and a light. You will also need a little determination to do what it takes to achieve this and some patience.

Put your paper and writing implement where you can easily reach them by your bed. I have written in the dark, but it is much harder to read later if you can't see. A light helps. A flashlight under the blankets might be good to avoid disturbing a mate or roommate.

Before you go to sleep, you need to tell yourself to wake up and write it down, when something comes to you about your problem. 

You may get something in your mind before you are even quite asleep. It may wake you up after you are asleep or in the middle of the night. When you feel something is there, get your paper and pencil or pen, etc. ready and write down what is in your mind as fast as you can. Do not edit or criticize yourself or your ideas, no matter what they are like, even if you think they are silly or make no sense. Your job now is simply to take dictation from your subconscious.

As soon as the problem-solving thoughts stop, lie down and go back to sleep. This process may wake you several times in one night. If so, do the same thing and write it down without editing each time.

I find it is best to do this at least three different nights. They do not have to be consecutive nights, but that often works the best.

At your earliest opportunity, write down anything else that you know about what you wrote at night. The next morning is preferable. This works best when you are relatively clear-headed. Eg. After you have your morning coffee or tea.

Once you are satisfied that you have enough, try reading it and rearrange it and think about it and see what it tells you. I have sometimes had to get a little esoteric to make sense of it. 

I do that by looking for a recurrence of some unclear symbol at least three times. Your subconscious has to resort to visuals most of the time to get through to your conscious mind. 

Don't be put off if the symbolism seems bizarre. Your conscious mind can be dense and may require something with strong emotional overtones to get through to it.

Other people who have tried this have been amazed at what happens. Problems that don't seem to have any solution can be solved by this process.

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