Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Blog post is about Thomas Merton, sort of. It is also about your spiritual development.

A lot of my readers will have no idea who Thomas Merton was. He was the author of some very influential books. Part of the subject of his books was spiritual development.

I have not read a lot of the large library of books by and about Thomas Merton. I read enough to recognise some things that we had/have in common. Both of us were getting somewhere with our spiritual development.

Thomas Merton supposedly died Dec. 10, 1968 in an accident. Some people have writings on the internet that imply or state outright that they think the C.I.A. assassinated  Thomas Merton.

Thomas Merton was probably on the sh*t list of the C.I.A., along with a lot of other people. People on that list do end up dead, but I am sure that Thomas Merton was not one of those.

I am almost certain that Thomas Merton died in an accident, but not the supposed one with an electric fan. The official cause of death was by electric shock and burns from contact with the fan when he was wet.

I guessed that Thomas Merton actually died of spontaneous combustion because of reading about his supposed death and what he wrote and said before he died. If you believe in Gd, you could say that Gd made me aware of how Merton really died. 

I told some authorities in the Catholic Church that I knew Merton died of spontaneous combustion. They were shocked to hear me say that, and admitted it. 

His death seems suspicious because it was suspicious. I believe some over-zealous Catholic fans of his did not like the looks of his death and tried to make it look nicer.

He had one of those "impossible" deaths by spontaneous combustion. Lots of church people tend to think if someone mysteriously bursts into flames, it has to be the hand of Gd smiting them, or the Devil claiming his own. Stories in the Bible make it easy for a church person to think this.

I can see why a Merton fan would be confused and dismayed by seeing their idol mostly burnt up in strange circumstances. They would not want their hero to be besmirched in the eyes of other fans, so would naturally want to protect them and his memory.

I collected a variety of internet information about Thomas Merton and his death to let you look into it yourself if you want to. I put links to the sites that have this information in this post.

This post is getting too long, so I will break it here. The explanation as to how Merton really died and the links to the Merton information, will be in tomorrow's post. I will also briefly explain why I am not fond of the C.I.A., and therefore have absolutely no reason to want to protect them, by what I am saying about Merton's death. Spontaneous human combustion

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