Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apology And Hope About Nukes

This blog post is an apology to readers who thought they would have a good chance to live through a nuclear war. For those of us in countries that have nuclear weapons and potential enemies that also have nuclear weapons, our chances are not nearly as good as I thought. 

The worst countries in this regard are the United States of America and Russia. I had been reading older materials about nuclear shelters, etc. Some of them were updated, but none of them gave numbers about our chances of living through the use of nuclear weapons. They all emphasized how survivable nuclear war is. They lied.

The USA has over 5,000 nuclear weapons. That amount of weapons is estimated to be enough to wipe out about 54% of the USSR (former) population according to some good sources. I have been trying to deal with this shock as well as the one about how many nukes Russia has. It is estimated to be 70,000 to 80,000.

If 5,000 or so nukes is enough to kill off over half of the Russian people, then about 10,000 should be enough to entirely eliminate the American people. But, hey! if that didn't do it, there are another 60,000 to 70,000 extras to finish up. That should account for launching dangerous war canoes from Hawaii or Guam or American Samoa.

Now if we build very good shelters we can stay alive as long as we stay in them, but with that many nukes carpeting the country, we would not have much left to come back out to and be safe out there.

Russia might be a little better off, but since the USA has backed off of the nuclear disarmament treaty, that probably won't last. 

I have been posting about using the spiritual gifts that each of us has for the last few days. The main reason why I began talking about our spiritual gifts is because of our nuclear situation. I think our spiritual gifts are the way out of this life-threatening mess.

Our governments all over the world have gotten away from the people they are meant to serve. The governments are in charge, instead of the people, and are not good bosses. If we use our spiritual gifts our governments can not run over all of us the way they are doing now. That includes nuclear weapons. If enough of us develop and use our spiritual gifts, nuclear war would be impossible. 

Most of the people in the world do not want to die in a nuclear disaster, either accidental, like a power plant or deliberate, like nuclear weapons used in a war. If we are using our spiritual gifts, we do not have to let our politicians play with nuclear bombs. They can't be trusted with them and we should not have to put up with our politicians having them and being able to use them against the will of the people.

I would like to see this happen. We need to find, develop, and use our spiritual gifts and have good lives, free from worry about a nuclear war that will kill us or make us wish we were dead.

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