Monday, May 21, 2012

Reasons Why It Will be Better To Train People For Spiritual Gifts In Remote Areas

We need to be using our spiritual gifts to survive. This is true for the human race as a whole as well as for individuals. We do not have to have everyone using their spiritual gifts to keep the human race alive, but we need a lot more than we have now. 

This post is mostly about beginning stages of starting to use spiritual gifts. I hope at least some readers of this blog post want to do this. 

When people start learning something that is new to them, they usually have a period of awkwardness. This is true of every beginning user of spiritual gifts that I have observed. 

One of the signs of this awkwardness is lack of control of the energy involved in use of spiritual gifts. Christians may call this energy, "grace". This usually takes the form of draining nearby batteries and causing strange things to happen to nearby machinery or electronics.

This can be highly inconvenient for the people who want to use the batteries, machinery, or electronics. This problem can cause another problem for the beginning spiritual gifts user. It can cause people to be annoyed or very angry at them. 

These unintended effects on things and people around beginning spiritual gifts users can be disturbing and distracting to the beginner. 

People who are not familiar with the concept of spiritual gifts may be suspicious of others who are using their spiritual gifts. This suspiciousness can cause upleasant or dangerous behavior toward the beginning spiritual gifts user.

It is easier to work on spiritual gifts if you can talk and be around other people who are doing the same thing or have already done it.

When there are not many people who are using their spiritual gifts yet, it might not be pleasant for spiritual gifts users to be around the ones who are not using their own spiritual gifts. 

Use of your spiritual gifts changes you. It makes you a better and more healthy person. Being around other people who have not been changed by using their spiritual gifts can be unpleasant and even painful, in a way, after you are using your spiritual gifts.

Here is the most important part of using your spiritual gifts: humans are in a dangerous situation and we need to be using our spiritual gifts to survive. People who want to do this need to get together and get to work on it soon. 

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